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How to backup current firmware on Huawei E5885

Huawei E5885 current firmware backup manual.

  1. Download modified usbloader, which will copy proper busybox into /system/busybox and enable telnetd on your device (will add additional line into /system/ Use it only on E5885, not on other device!
  2. Load it using balong-usbdload. Refer to this disassembling manual.
  3. After loading, wait about one minute, disconnect device from the computer and power off the device holding power button for ~15 seconds.
  4. Insert MicroSD card to the device and power it on.
  5. telnet 2323
/system/busybox sh
mount /dev/block/mmcblk0p1 /sdcard
cd /sdcard

mkdir mtdblocks
cd mtdblocks
for i in `seq 0 27`; do cat /dev/block/mtdblock$i > mtdblock$i; done

cd ..
mkdir nanddump
cd nanddump
for i in `seq 0 27`; do nanddump -f mtd$i /dev/mtd/mtd$i; done
for i in `seq 0 27`; do nanddump -o -f mtdoob$i /dev/mtd/mtd$i; done

cd ..
tar cf files.tar /system /app /data /root /modem_log /modem_fw /online /mnvm2:0
cat /proc/mtd > procmtd
cat /proc/kallsyms > kallsyms
mount > mount

cd /
umount /sdcard
  1. That's it. All files should be on MicroSD card.
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ValdikSS commented May 24, 2021


Any help from your side to generate a usb bootloader would be greatly appreciated.

You can't "generate" it.

it always fails at about 80% with Error code 19.

I assume that the partition table is different. You need to replace the partition table in E5372 usbloader with E5775 table, you can get it in the firmware 00-00000100-Ptable_R1.bin file. Copy&paste everything in between pTableHead and pTableTail.

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Everybody, please do not write your questions here for which you expect to receive a reply.
This message is about E5885 backup how-to, I don't expect discussions here, especially of other devices, or unrelated questions. I can't disable comments on github gist, I would if I could.
If you have a question, the best is to ask it on a thematical forum.
If you want to contact me, use email for that. But better ask your question anywhere on the internet first. I'm not your personal consultant.
I'm only slightly interested in Huawei devices or LTE routers in general, don't see me as a deep tech-savvy researcher.

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