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Detailed Hotshot profiler middleware for Django
# Orignal version taken from
# Original author: udfalkso
# Modified by: Shwagroo Team and
# Further modified by: Jakub Skalecki (
import hotshot
import hotshot.stats
import textwrap
import os
import re
import StringIO
import tempfile
from django.conf import settings
class ProfileMiddleware(object):
Displays hotshot profiling for any view.
Add the "prof" key to query string by appending ?prof (or &prof=)
and you'll see the profiling results in your browser.
It's set up to only be available in django's debug mode, is available for superuser otherwise.
WARNING: It uses hotshot profiler which is not thread safe.
def should_show_stats(self, request):
is_superuser = hasattr(request, 'user') and request.user.is_superuser
return 'prof' in request.GET and (settings.DEBUG or is_superuser)
def process_view(self, request, callback, callback_args, callback_kwargs):
if self.should_show_stats(request):
# we need temp file to store stats
tmpfile = tempfile.mktemp()
prof = hotshot.Profile(tmpfile)
response = prof.runcall(
callback, request, *callback_args, **callback_kwargs)
if response and response.content:
stats = hotshot.stats.load(tmpfile)
formatter = ProfileStatsFormatter(
stats, raw_records=200, group_records=50)
response.content = formatter.get_html()
# file is not needed anymore
return response
class ProfileStatsFormatter(object):
Helper for formatting hotshot stats to HTML with grouping
DEFAULT_SORTING = ('cumtime', 'calls')
group_prefix_re = [
re.compile("^(.*)/[^/]+$"), # extract module path
re.compile(".*"), # catch strange entries
def __init__(self, stats, sort_by=None, group_records=40, raw_records=100):
self.total_time = 0
self.time_by_file = {}
self.time_by_group = {}
self.num_of_group_records = group_records
self.num_of_records = raw_records
self.stats_str = self._get_stats_string(
stats, sort_by=sort_by or self.DEFAULT_SORTING)
# fill total_time, time_by_file, time_by_group fields
def _get_stats_string(stats, sort_by): = StringIO.StringIO()
def _preprocess_stats(self):
for filename, time in self._iterate_records(self.stats_str):
group = self._get_group(filename)
self.time_by_group[group] = self.time_by_group.get(group, 0) + time
self.time_by_file[filename] = self.time_by_file.get(filename, 0) + time
self.total_time += time
def _get_group(filename):
for group_prefix in ProfileStatsFormatter.group_prefix_re:
name = group_prefix.findall(filename)
if name:
return name[0]
def _iterate_records(stats_str):
# first 5 lines contains summary
records = stats_str.split("\n")[5:]
for record in records:
fields = record.split()
if len(fields) == 6:
record_time = float(fields[1])
filename = fields[5].split(":")[0]
if filename:
yield filename, record_time
def _get_summary(self, time_by_name):
time_name = time_by_name.items()
time_name.sort(reverse=True, key=lambda ((name, time)): time)
res = " tottime\n"
for name, time in time_name[:self.num_of_group_records]:
percent = 100 * time / self.total_time if self.total_time else 0
res += "%4.1f%% %7.3f %s\n" % (percent, time, name)
return res
def get_html(self):
raw_stats = '\n'.join(self.stats_str.split('\n')[:self.num_of_records])
format_string = textwrap.dedent("""
---- By filename ----
---- By group ---
return ("<pre >" + format_string + "</pre>").format(
# close to the top, but after AuthenticationMiddleware
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