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#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
struct node{
void* data;
struct node* next;
void set_int_value(struct node* node, int val)
// ptr->data est de type void*
int* i = malloc(sizeof (int));
*i = val;
node->data = i;
// Permet de créer une liste chainée {1,2,3}
struct node* create_basic_list()
size_t node_size = sizeof (struct node);
struct node* element1 = malloc(node_size);
struct node* element2 = malloc(node_size);
struct node* element3 = malloc(node_size);
element1->next = element2;
element2->next = element3;
element3->next = NULL;
set_int_value(element1, 1);
set_int_value(element2, 2);
set_int_value(element3, 3);
return element1;
void map(struct node* head, void(*fun)(void*))
struct node* current = head;
current = current->next;
void print_int(void* val){
printf("%d\n", *((int*)val));
void print(struct node* head)
map(head, print_int);
int main(void)
struct node* l = create_basic_list();
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