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Basic Perfect Makefile for compiling target .cpp files using g++.
Basic Perfect Makefile for compiling target .cpp files with SDL2 libraries using g++.
#USEAGE: copy Makefile to folder with .cpp files then type "make"
#OBJS specifies which files to compile as part of the project
OBJS = $(wildcard *.cpp)
#CC specifies which compiler we're using
CC = g++
#COMPILER_FLAGS specifies the additional compilation options we're using
# -w suppresses all warnings
#LINKER_FLAGS specifies the libraries we're linking against
LINKER_FLAGS = -lSDL2 -lSDL2_image
#OBJ_NAME specifies the name of our exectuable
OBJ_NAME = $(patsubst %.cpp,%,$(wildcard *.cpp))
#This is the target that compiles our executable
all : $(OBJS)

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VeggieVampire commented Jul 9, 2018

Tested on raspberry pi.

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