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Created August 14, 2021 13:27
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coreos_prometheus, modified to work on Windows
# (C) Copyright 2020 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP
def ToLPath(path):
return path.replace("\\", "/").replace("C:/", "/mnt/c/")
def ToWPath(path):
return path.replace("/", "\\").replace("\\mnt\\c\\", "C:\\")
def ListDir(path, recursive = False):
result = []
for file in listdir(ToWPath(path), recursive):
return result
def PathExists(path):
return os.path.exists(ToWPath(path))
def PathJoin(path1, path2):
return ToLPath(os.path.join(ToWPath(path1), ToWPath(path2)))
def AbsPath(path):
return ToLPath(os.path.abspath(ToWPath(path)))
def DirName(path):
return ToLPath(os.path.dirname(ToWPath(path)))
def BaseName(path):
return ToLPath(os.path.basename(ToWPath(path)))
def _find_root_tiltfile_dir():
# Find top-level Tilt path
current = AbsPath('./')
while current != '/':
if PathExists(PathJoin(current, 'Tiltfile')):
return current
current = ToLPath(DirName(current))
fail('Could not find root Tiltfile')
def _find_cache_dir():
cachedir = os.getenv('TILT_CACHE_DIR', '')
if cachedir == '':
cachedir = ToLPath(PathJoin(_find_root_tiltfile_dir(), '.tilt-cache'))
if not PathExists(cachedir):
local(["bash", "-c", 'mkdir -p %s' % cachedir], echo_off=True)
os.putenv('TILT_CACHE_DIR', cachedir)
return ToLPath(cachedir)
def _create_temp_dir():
from_env = os.getenv('TILT_COREOS_PROMETHEUS_TEMP_DIR', '')
if from_env != '':
return ToLPath(from_env)
#tmpdir = str(local(["bash", "-c", "mktemp -d"], echo_off=True, quiet=True)).strip()
#tmpdir = '/mnt/c/temp/' + str(local(["cmd", "-c", "%random%"], echo_off=True, quiet=True)).strip()
tmpdir = '/mnt/c/temp/' + str(local(["node", "-e", "console.log("], echo_off=True, quiet=True)).strip()
local(["node", "-e", "require('fs').mkdirSync('" + tmpdir.replace("/mnt/c/", "C:/") + "')"], echo_off=True, quiet=True)
return tmpdir
def name(c):
return c['metadata']['name']
def replace_target(src, target):
if not PathExists(src):
fail("src path '%s' not found!" % src)
if not PathExists(target):
fail("target path '%s' not found!" % target)
local(["bash", "-c", "cp %s %s" % (src, target)])
def download_files():
cachedir = _find_cache_dir()
kube_prometheus_version = '0.5.0'
kube_prometheus_tarball = ToLPath(PathJoin(cachedir, 'coreos-kube-prometheus-%s.tar.gz' % kube_prometheus_version))
tmpdir = _create_temp_dir()
extract_path = ToLPath(PathJoin(tmpdir, 'prometheus-operator-kube-prometheus-%s' % kube_prometheus_version))
if not PathExists(kube_prometheus_tarball):
local(["bash", "-c", "curl -sSL -o %s.tmp" % (kube_prometheus_version, kube_prometheus_tarball)], echo_off=True)
# only copy file to final location to prevent redoing the above if the above
# have completed successfully.
local(["bash", "-c", "mv %s.tmp %s" % (kube_prometheus_tarball, kube_prometheus_tarball)], echo_off=True)
local(["bash", "-c", "rm -rf %s.tmp && mkdir %s.tmp" % (extract_path, extract_path)], echo_off=True)
local(["bash", "-c", "tar -C %s.tmp -xzf \"%s\" --strip-components=1 'kube-prometheus-%s/manifests'" % (extract_path, kube_prometheus_tarball, kube_prometheus_version)], echo_off=True)
# only move path to final location if extraction completed successfully
local(["bash", "-c", "rm -rf %s && mv %s.tmp %s" % (extract_path, extract_path, extract_path)], echo_off=True)
# return path containing manifests directory
return extract_path
def patch_prometheus(path):
manifestsPath = ToLPath(PathJoin(path, 'manifests'))
prometheusPatchesPath = PathJoin(DirName(__file__), 'prometheus')
# patches to modify certain behaviour
# modify clusterrole for greater access
# ensure all namespaces are scanned for alerts
localFiles = ListDir(prometheusPatchesPath, recursive=True)
for f in localFiles:
target = ToLPath(PathJoin(manifestsPath, BaseName(f)))
replace_target(f, target)
def setup_monitoring():
k8s_yaml([ToWPath(a) for a in setupManifests])
# Wait until the CRDs are ready.
cmd=' && '.join([('kubectl wait --for=condition=Established crd %s' % name(c)) for c in crds]),
k8s_yaml([ToWPath(a) for a in mainManifests])
crdResources = {}
for yDoc in mainManifests:
r = read_yaml(ToWPath(yDoc))
if r['kind'] in crdTypes:
rname = name(r)
if rname not in crdResources:
crdResources[rname] = []
crdResources[rname].append('%s:%s' % (rname, r['kind']))
objects = [('%s' % name(c)) for c in crds],
resources = {
'grafana': {
'port_forwards': ["3000"],
'node-exporter': {},
'kube-state-metrics': {},
'prometheus': {
'new_name': 'prometheus',
'objects': ['prometheus-k8s:service'],
'crdResources': ['prometheus', 'k8s'],
'extra_pod_selectors': [{'prometheus': 'k8s'}],
'port_forwards': ["9090"],
'alertmanager': {
'new_name': 'alertmanager',
'objects': ['alertmanager-main:service'],
'crdResources': ['main'],
'extra_pod_selectors': [{'alertmanager': 'main'}],
'port_forwards': ["9093"],
for rname, resource in resources.items():
args = []
if 'new_name' not in resource:
for crd in resource.pop('crdResources', []):
resource['objects'].extend(crdResources.pop(crd, []))
k8s_resource(*args, resource_deps=['prometheus-crds'], **resource)
remainingCrdResources = []
for res in crdResources.values():
def list_prometheus_crd_types():
return crdTypes
def get_prometheus_dependencies():
return ['prometheus-crds']
def get_prometheus_resources(yaml, name):
results = []
for crd in list_prometheus_crd_types():
found, _ = filter_yaml(yaml, name="^%s$" % name, kind="^%s$" % crd)
if found:
results.append('%s:%s' % (name, crd))
return results
# To allow resources that require CRDs created by this extension to be selectively
# pruned from other components if deploying of prometheus is disabled by the
# file loading this one, need to always download and unpack the required files
# and perform a limited amount of parsing.
basedir = download_files()
# Namespace and CRDs
setupManifests = ListDir(PathJoin(basedir, 'manifests/setup'), recursive=True)
# Main resources depending on setup
mainManifests = ListDir(PathJoin(basedir, 'manifests'))
crds = []
for doc in setupManifests:
r = read_yaml(ToWPath(doc))
if r['kind'] == 'CustomResourceDefinition':
# crdTypes must be known to allow filtering out of these resources to allow
# enabling/disabling use of prometheus in an environment
crdTypes = [crd['spec']['names']['kind'] for crd in crds]
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