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check if exist
if it doesn't, anbox-binder don't work
mkdir /home/phablet/anbox-data
mkdir /home/phablet/anbox-data/data
sudo mount / -o remount,rw
sudo apt install anbox-ubuntu-touch android-tools-adb
sudo wget -q --show-progress -O /home/phablet/anbox-data/android.img
touch /home/phablet/anbox-data/.enable
chmod -R o+wrx /home/phablet/anbox-data/data
sudo start -q anbox-container
"personnaly this one fail
start -q anbox-session
reboot, wait 2 minutes the reboot again
Setup apk:
adb install /home/phablet/Downloads/name-of-your.apk
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