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You'll want to sign the code so you can run it without changing the execution policy to unrestricted. Sample Usage: InstallFirefox.ps1 22.0
Param (
Position = 0,
Mandatory = $true,
HelpMessage = 'This is the version number, such as "22.0". Valid version numbers can be found here:'
[string] $version,
Position = 1,
Mandatory = $false,
HelpMessage = 'This is language string, such as "en-US". Valid language strings can be found here:'
[string] $language
Write-Debug "VERS: $version"
Write-Debug "TEMP: $env:Temp"
$ini_file = @"
Write-Debug "INI: $ini_file"
Write-Debug "LANG: $language"
if (-not $language) {
Write-Debug "Language NOT supplied ..."
$lang_pattern = '^[^(]+\(([^)]+)\)'
try {
Write-Debug "Detecting Language x64 ..."
$language = [regex]::Replace((Get-ItemProperty "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Mozilla\Mozilla Firefox" -ErrorAction Stop).CurrentVersion, $lang_pattern, '$1', 'IgnoreCase')
} catch {
try {
Write-Debug "Detecting Language x86 ..."
$language = [regex]::Replace((Get-ItemProperty "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Mozilla\Mozilla Firefox" -ErrorAction Stop).CurrentVersion, $lang_pattern, '$1', 'IgnoreCase')
} catch {
Write-Debug "Language NOT detectable, using default ..."
$language = "en-US"
Write-Debug "LANG: $language"
$url = "${version}/win32/${language}/Firefox Setup ${version}.exe"
Write-Debug "URL: $url"
$webclient = New-Object System.Net.WebClient
Write-Debug "Downloading ..."
try {
$webclient.DownloadFile($url, "${env:Temp}\Firefox Setup ${version}.exe")
} catch {
Throw("Download of Firefox setup exe file failed. Check your version number and try again.`nValid version numbers can be found here:`n ")
Write-Debug "Creating .ini file ..."
$ini_file | Out-File -Encoding ASCII -FilePath "${env:Temp}\FirefoxSetup${version}.ini"
Write-Debug "Installing ..."
$proc = Start-Process "${env:Temp}\Firefox Setup ${version}.exe" -ArgumentList "/INI=""${env:Temp}\FirefoxSetup${version}.ini""" -Wait -PassThru
Write-Debug ("Done:{0}!" -f $proc.ExitCode)
Exit $proc.ExitCode
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