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Create an OpenVPN Windows server that proxies internet traffic
Tested on Windows 10 x64, Anniversary Update

Set up OpenVPN

  1. Set up an OpenVPN connection following this guide

  2. Generate a TA key and place it in the same folder as the other certificates/keys:

openvpn --genkey --secret ta.key
  1. Append the following lines to your server.ovpn profile:
# Route all traffic through VPN
push "redirect-gateway def1"
# Push Google DNS to prevent leak
push "dhcp-option DNS"
  1. Append the following lines to your client.ovpn profile:
# Block DNS leak

Service tweaks

  1. Open the Services window
  2. Find Routing and Remote Access and set it to: Startup type - Automatic
  3. Start the service

Adapter tweaks

  1. Open the network adapters window
  2. Right-click your internet adapter (e.g. Ethernet) and then: Properties -> Sharing -> Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection
  3. (if applicable) From the drop-down list select your OpenVPN TAP adapter (e.g. Ethernet 2)

Note: Only one adapter can be shared at a time, so if you don't see the Sharing tab, make sure no other adapter is being shared.

Registry tweaks

Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters
Value: IPEnableRouter
Data: 0x00000001 (1)

Configure a static route (if behind router)

You have to route all packets sent to the client's virtual IP back to the VPN server.

Example using Cisco router: - virtual network subnet - virtual network subnet mask - VPN server internal IP (in the subnet of the router)

router setup

Final OpenVPN tweaks

  1. Right-click openvpn-gui.exe and then: Properties -> Compatibility -> Run this program as an administrator
  2. (optional) Configure the OpenVPN server to start and connect automatically:
"C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\bin\openvpn-gui.exe" --connect server.ovpn

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@stefanos-apostolopoulos stefanos-apostolopoulos commented May 17, 2019

i want to run it as personal vpn server with internet access so these lines inside the server/client .ovpn must be the only one? or add them on sample?


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@maoanz maoanz commented Oct 1, 2019

I have been searching around for 2 days until I came to your post, it solves my problem.
I was thinking about configuration of OpenVPN, and there are a lot of post about openvpn configuration.
But in fact it's more about the configuration on windows that hosts the OpenVPN server.
Thanks a lot !


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@pskifast pskifast commented Apr 11, 2020

As previously stated by maoanz, I was too looking for this for a whole day! The key to get it working is not the VPN server config itself so much, but rather the static routing on the GW. Thank you very much!


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@caihongxu caihongxu commented May 20, 2020

There are a few issues I encountered when using OpenVPN together with ICS.

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