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Working from home

Victor Coulon Victa

Working from home
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Victa / gist:2cae3732654894a60d36
Created Dec 10, 2014
Percentage Bugs in WebKit
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No later than a few days ago, at Octave & Octave, I had to make a grid generator in Sass which is fully responsive. Rather than using a fixed grid as I usually do, I decided to create a fluid grid using percentages (calculated with the famous target / context * 100 = result).

Indeed, after finishing the book Response Web Design from A Book Apart where the author proposes to use this type of grid, I must say I was convinced by this flexibility. And I think that I am not alone. Just look at the number of frameworks using this kind of grid (Foundation, Tiny Fluid Grid, Fluid960gs…)

After some hours of development to obtain optimal results based on the guidelines of my agency, I was surprised to notice a very annoying display bug on my Safari.

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mkdir -p sunrise/deps && curl -L | tar xz --strip 1 -C sunrise/deps
export PATH=~/sunrise/deps/bin:$PATH
brew update
mkdir -p sunrise/brew_cache
HOMEBREW_CACHE=~/sunrise/brew_cache brew install fontforge
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* jQuery.preload
* Preload images using the promise pattern.
* Usage:
* $.preload(img_uri, img_uri, ...).done(function(img, img, ...) {
* // Do stuff with the arguments
* });
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var deviceWidth = document.width,
gallery = document.createElement("section"),
numberOfPages = 3,
positions = {
startX: 0,
currentX: 0,
direction: null,
upcomingPage: null
touchEvents = {
Victa / gist:4464100
Created Jan 5, 2013
Strip Whitespace From String
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// Remove leading and trailing whitespace
// Requires jQuery
var str = " a b c d e f g ";
var newStr = $.trim(str);
// "a b c d e f g"
// Remove leading and trailing whitespace
// JavaScript RegEx
var str = " a b c d e f g ";
var newStr = str.replace(/(^\s+|\s+$)/g,'');
Victa / gist:4442341
Created Jan 3, 2013
Lighten / Darken Color
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function LightenDarkenColor(col, amt) {
var usePound = false;
if (col[0] == "#") {
col = col.slice(1);
usePound = true;
var num = parseInt(col,16);
Victa / gist:4234257
Created Dec 7, 2012
Showing Git Commit Counts
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# Show total number of commits in the current repository
git shortlog | grep -E '^[ ]+\w+' | wc -l
# Show number of commits by developer
git shortlog -s -n
Victa / bookmarklet.js
Created Nov 27, 2012
Gisties Bookmarklet
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void ((function(){
var parser = document.createElement('a');
parser.href = document.URL;
if( === ''){
var id = parser.pathname.split('/').filter(function(e){return e;})[0];
var user = document.querySelector('#owner .name a').innerText;
window.location = ''+user+'/'+id;