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Use OpenApi in Flutter

To generate an API client in Dart from an OpenApi.json file, and use it in Flutter, follow these steps:

Related: see this gist for how to generate an OpenApi.json file on build from an ASP.NET 8 Minimal API project

  1. Create a new Flutter 3.10 (or later) Application project in Visual Studio Code: steps
  2. Add the openapi_generator package to your project. Follow below steps instead of the instructions at (at the time of writing they were out of date):
    • Include openapi_generator_annotationsin the dependencies section of your pubspec.yaml file :
        openapi_generator_annotations: ^4.10.0
    • Include build_runner and openapi_generator in the dev_dependencies section of your pubspec.yaml file:
         openapi_generator: ^4.10.0
    • Annotate a dart class with the @Openapi() annotation; specify the path to your OpenApi json file in the inputSpecFile parameter (note that paths are relative to the project root folder):
      import 'package:openapi_generator_annotations/openapi_generator_annotations.dart';
          AdditionalProperties(pubName: 'example_api', pubAuthor: 'Your_Name'),
          inputSpecFile: '../Api/bin/Debug/net8.0/openapi.json',
          generatorName: Generator.dart,
          outputDirectory: 'apiclient')
      class Example extends OpenapiGeneratorConfig {}
    • Run this command to generate the OpenApi client from the json file that you specified in the annotation:
      dart run build_runner build --delete-conflicting-outputs
  3. To use the generated client in your project, follow the instructions in the generated (in the folder you specified in the @Openapi() outputDirectory parameter).
    Note that the instructions include:
    • how to add the generated package from your local disk as a dependency in your project, e.g.:
          path: apiclient
    • a dart code snippet that shows the generated class name and a method call specifically for your API. You can use the class and method names from the README, but you need to add a base URL and a missing await, e.g. like this:
      import 'package:example_api/api.dart';
      final api_instance = AspNet8CoreAPIVersion1000CultureneutralPublicKeyTokennullApi(ApiClient(basePath: 'http://localhost:5139'));
      try {
          final result = await api_instance.todosGet();
      } catch (e) {
          print('Exception when calling AspNet8CoreAPIVersion1000CultureneutralPublicKeyTokennullApi->todosGet: $e\n');
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