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fedarko /
Created October 2, 2019 22:10
Convert a github file URL to a URL (that can be directly accessed for things like or wget)
# your link goes here
link = ""
# note: this will break if a repo/organization or subfolder is named "blob" -- would be ideal to use a fancy regex
# to be more precise here
print(link.replace("", "").replace("/blob/", "/"))
# example output link:
nathanhaigh /
Last active May 6, 2024 06:38
deinterleave FASTQ files
# Usage: < interleaved.fastq f.fastq r.fastq [compress]
# Deinterleaves a FASTQ file of paired reads into two FASTQ
# files specified on the command line. Optionally GZip compresses the output
# FASTQ files using pigz if the 3rd command line argument is the word "compress"
# Can deinterleave 100 million paired reads (200 million total
# reads; a 43Gbyte file), in memory (/dev/shm), in 4m15s (255s)