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var directoryDataSourcesFiles = Directory.GetFiles(uploadReportFolderPath + "\\" + Constants.DirectoryFolder.DataSources);
var directoryDatasetFiles = Directory.GetFiles(uploadReportFolderPath + "\\" + Constants.DirectoryFolder.Datasets);
var directoryReportFiles = Directory.GetFiles(uploadReportFolderPath + "\\" + Constants.DirectoryFolder.Reports);
using (SPSite siteColl = new SPSite(dashboardWebUrl))
using (SPWeb site = siteColl.OpenWeb())
IList<DataSourceFile> dataSourceFiles = UploadAndConfigureDataSourceFiles(site, directoryDataSourcesFiles);
IList<DatasetFile> dataSetFiles = UploadAndConfigureDatasetFiles(dataSourceFiles, directoryDatasetFiles);
IList<ReportFile> reportFiles = UploadAndConfigureReportFiles(site, directoryReportFiles, dataSetFiles);
PublishFiles(dataSourceFiles, dataSetFiles, reportFiles);
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