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spreadtrum system.img mounting on linux and manual root injection
sudo mount -t ext4 -o loop,rw system.img /home/username/temp
mkdir /home/username/temp/bin/.ext
cp su /home/username/temp/xbin/daemonsu
cp su /home/username/temp/xbin/su
cp su /home/username/temp/bin/.ext/.su
cp Superuser.apk /home/username/temp/app/Superuser.apk
cp ./ /home/username/temp/etc/
mkdir /home/username/temp/etc/init.d
cp ./99SuperSUDaemon /home/username/temp/etc/init.d/99SuperSUDaemon
echo 1 > /home/username/temp/etc/.installed_su_daemon
chmod 0777 /home/username/temp/bin/.ext
chmod 06755 /home/username/temp/bin/.ext/.su
chmod 06755 /home/username/temp/xbin/su
chmod 06755 /home/username/temp/xbin/daemonsu
chmod 0755 /home/username/temp/etc/
chmod 0755 /home/username/temp/etc/init.d/99SuperSUDaemon
chmod 0644 /home/username/temp/etc/.installed_su_daemon
chmod 0644 /home/username/temp/app/Superuser.apk
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