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Minimal neomutt config for gmail imap
set imap_user=""
set imap_pass=`/usr/bin/security find-generic-password -w -a '' -s 'Gmail'`
set folder=imaps://
set spoolfile=+INBOX
set record="+[Gmail]/Sent Mail"
set postponed="+[Gmail]/Drafts"
# search sleep_time for additional info
set sleep_time=0 # be faster
set beep=no # no beep sound
set editor="/Applications/ -c 'set tw=74' -c 'set wrap'"
auto_view text/html
set sort=reverse-date # default sorting by date
# When sorting by threads, this variable controls how threads are sorted
# in relation to other threads, and how the branches of the thread trees are sorted.
set sort_aux=last-date-received
# Index page format. Default "%4C %Z %{%b %d} %-15.15L (%?l?%4l&%4c?) %s"
set index_format="%4C %Z %{%b %d %R} %-15.15L (%?l?%4l&%4c?) %s"
set sidebar_visible
set sidebar_format="%B%?F? [%F]?%* %?N?%N/?%S"
set mail_check_stats
# You can use any gmail imap mailboxes
mailboxes =INBOX =[Gmail]/Sent\ Mail =[Gmail]/Drafts =[Gmail]/Spam =[Gmail]/Trash
# Vim like binds
bind attach,index,pager \CD next-page
bind attach,index,pager \CU previous-page
bind pager g top
bind pager G bottom
bind attach,index g first-entry
bind attach,index G last-entry
# Sidebar binds
bind index,pager \CP sidebar-prev # Ctrl-n to select next folder
bind index,pager \CN sidebar-next # Ctrl-p to select previous folder
bind index,pager \CI sidebar-open # Ctrl-o to open selected folder
bind index,pager \CB sidebar-toggle-visible # Ctrl-b to toggle visibility of the sidebar
set realname="Vladimir Pal"
set from=""
set smtp_url="smtps://"
set smtp_pass=`/usr/bin/security find-generic-password -w -a '' -s 'Gmail'`
set smtp_authenticators="gssapi:login"
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JamieMagee commented Mar 14, 2019

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yosukesan commented Apr 4, 2020

I almost copied this setup on Debian 10. For linux users, 'pass' is one of the alternatives to 'security'.

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bryanmobrien commented May 14, 2020

Thank you for this gist. Very helpful for me setting up neomutt and gmail on macOS Catalina.

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0xRZ commented Nov 2, 2021

If you do set record="+[Gmail]/Sent Mail" sent messages will be duplicated in [Gmail]/Sent Mail tho

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Freed-Wu commented Apr 24, 2022

I always meet gnutls_handshake: The TLS connection was non-properly terminated. when I send mail, although I can receive mail successfully.

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