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RJ Catalano VoR0220

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contract C {
address person1;
address person2;
bool person1Agreement = false;
bool person2Agreement = false;
function doWeAgree() constant returns (bool) {
if (person1Agreement == true && person2Agreement == true)
return true;
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contract TicTacToe {
address player_one;
address player_two;
address public next_player;
address public winner;
mapping (uint => address) game_board;
uint total_moves;
bool public game_in_progress;
/// @notice Creates a tictactoe game for first player (first up) and second player
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contract owned {
function owned() { owner = msg.sender; }
address owner;
modifier onlyowner { if (msg.sender != owner) throw; _ }
contract forDiana is owned {
event getPoem(string indexed message);
string[18] poem;
function forDiana() {
VoR0220 / SolidityNameAndTypeResolution.cpp
Last active Jan 24, 2016
Documentation for Solidity Default Parameters in Function and Return calls
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//These are the current name and type resolution tests and what we should be checking for whenever default arguments are invoked
char const* text = R"(
contract C {
function def(uint x = 123, string b = "Hello") returns (uint, string, string a = "World") {
return (x, b, a); //maybe make it so we can leave a off? That might be getting ahead of ourselves
function check() {
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