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Created Mar 22, 2019
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2.4.1 Release Notes draft

Installation instructions

VBA6 | VBA7 x86/x64

Installs without administrator privileges for the current Windows user login. Local admin users should install for all users and register the add-in for their login at the end of the installation - add-in will need to be manually registered for other users on the same machine.


If Visual Studio 6.0 is executed with administrator privileges, Rubberduck should be installed for all users.

In this release 47 bugs and 45 other issues have been closed, 504 files have been changed in 315 commits.


  • There were significant changes to how Rubberduck internally handles Refactoring Dialogs. (#4072)
  • The parser now attempts to recover member attributes (#4686) and the selection (#4777)
  • Parser performance when using bang notation should have improved. (#4760)
  • Multiple bugs in Self-Closing Pairs have been fixed. (#4792)
  • Bugs were fixed... lots of them
  • Rubberduck now has a Spanish localization! (#4825)
  • Reporting a bug has gotten easier thanks to issue templates (thanks GitHub) and a minor change to the About Window (#4850)
  • The Test Explorer has gotten a makeover and is now more in line with Inspections and Code Explorer. (#4769)
  • Navigating large numbers of inspections should feel a lot better. (#4717)

Huge thanks go to our translators @SonGokussj4 (Czech), @D3vlin (Spanish), @MDoerner (German) and @retailcoder (French). More huge thanks go to @MDoerner, @Comintern and @bclothier for stemming the bulk of the larger changes to our Ducky.

We also want to take a moment to remember @ThunderFrame, who found and fixed a lot of really tricky edge-cases with the duck. A handful of inspections have been added in his memory and this release of Rubberduck is dedicated to him.

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