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mhenrixon / _form.html.haml
Created May 18, 2011
A complete sample of how to perform nested polymorphic uploads in rails using carrierwave
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=semantic_form_for [:admin, @dog], validate: true, html: {multipart: true} do |f|
=f.inputs do
=f.input :name
=f.input :kennel_name
=f.input :birthdate
=f.input :gender, as: :radio, collection: {'Tik' => 'F', 'Hane' => 'M'}
=f.input :father_id, as: :select, collection: @dogs
=f.input :mother_id, as: :select, collection: @bitches
=f.semantic_fields_for :pictures do |pic|
chikamichi /
Last active Feb 11, 2020
About Lodash, how it works (forEach example)


About Lodash's forEach function, and Lodash in general…

I told you that it "abstracts away from you the chore (and complexity) of looping", so that you can focus on what really matters for your application: the collection you want to iterate through, and the piece of logic you wish to be applied for each item.

You use forEach like this:

// You first define "the collection you want to iterate through":
Voronoff /
Last active Jul 7, 2021
Windows development in 2018: Setting up a coding environment using Windows Subsystems for Linux (WSL), Hyper, and Visual Studio Code (vscode) with Python.

If you're here just for the section on vscode working with Python on WSL, jump here.

Creating a modern development environment in Windows

Windows is now a development environment that can compete with Mac and Linux. Windows Subsystems for Linux lets you have an Ubuntu (or other Linux flavor) installation that works near seemlessly inside of Windows. Hyper Terminal running WSL's Bash and Visual Studio Code feel really nice to code in. These are instructions for getting set up and smoothing out most of the remaining rough edges. I've included a section on getting vscode to work well with Python and WSL, but the general pattern should be usable for any unsupported language (as of now, I believe it's only Node.js that has WSL support in vscode).

Table of Contents