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Last active Dec 19, 2019
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<span class="agent"><a class="larger" href="/contact/">Jennifer Dawson</a>
<span class="add-color">ABOUT JENNIFER:</span> I am enthusiastic. I am passionate. I am tech-savvy. I am friendly. I am responsive. I am committed to excellence. I am ready to impress you with my service, encourage you with my trustworthiness, and thrill you with my commitment to urgency.
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<li><i class="icon ion-location"></i>1180 Seven Seas Dr.<br />Barrington, IL 60110 </li>
<li><i class="icon ion-iphone"></i><a href="tel:800-123-4567">800-123-4567</a></li>
<li><i class="icon ion-email"></i><a href=""></a></li>
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Explore a wide variety of communities, personalize your finishes, and design the perfect home for you.
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<img class="alignleft testimonial" src="">"Working with Agent Focused was the best decision I ever made. They took into account all my requirements. They were super helpful, detailed-oriented, and great to work with. I can highly recommend Agent Focused for a wonderful home-buying experience. ”
<br /><cite>&#8212; Stacey Hodges</cite>
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