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Created July 19, 2020 14:15
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(gdb) x/80a 0x42009ffe28-80
0x42009ffdd8: 0x2d68 0x718018 <base_GHCziEventziPSQ_zdwunsafeInsertNew_info+2408>
0x42009ffde8: 0x42003216b1 0x8
0x42009ffdf8: 0x4200613ed9 0x7899c0 <ghczmbignum_GHCziNumziInteger_integerToWordzh_info+48>
0x42009ffe08: 0x769528 <base_GHCziEventziIoUring_zdwconstructUserdata_info+816> 0x0
0x42009ffe18: 0x1 0x825fd0 <stg_ret_p_info>
0x42009ffe28: 0x7ffff45e0940 0x75e7c8 <base_SystemziLinuxziIOziURingziRing_zdwpushSqe_info+264>
0x42009ffe38: 0x7ffff45dc040 0x7ffff45dc100
0x42009ffe48: 0x7ffff45e0940 0xa19
0x42009ffe58: 0x1ff 0xa19
0x42009ffe68: 0x771e68 <base_SystemziLinuxziIOziURing_zdwpostSqe_info+344> 0x940669
0x42009ffe78: 0x420080a229 0x76a0b0
0x42009ffe88: 0x1c 0x7ffff45d4000
0x42009ffe98: 0x420213e308 0x827210 <stg_catch_frame_info>
0x42009ffea8: 0xc 0x420080a172
0x42009ffeb8: 0x76a8b0 <base_GHCziEventziIoUring_zdwregisterAndPostPollRequest_info+648> 0x420213e000
0x42009ffec8: 0x4201db5969 0x420080a131
0x42009ffed8: 0x420213e139 0x41f6e0
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0x42009ffee8: 0x8e5f01 0x4201db5969
0x42009ffef8: 0x91 0x420080d870
0x42009fff08: 0x827210 <stg_catch_frame_info> 0xc
0x42009fff18: 0x420080a052 0x420700
0x42009fff28: 0x91 0x4201db5969
0x42009fff38: 0x420081e8ec 0x914c74
0x42009fff48: 0x1f 0x0
0x42009fff58: 0x9eca31 0x420213e178
0x42009fff68: 0x914f75 0x420080d760
0x42009fff78: 0x4201db5978 0x420213e661
0x42009fff88: 0x4200116f89 0x4200116c10
0x42009fff98: 0x452188 <base_ControlziExceptionziBase_bracket1_info+456> 0x4200116c4a
0x42009fffa8: 0x4200116c32 0x827210 <stg_catch_frame_info>
0x42009fffb8: 0xc 0x4200116b92
0x42009fffc8: 0x420fd0 <networkzm3zi1zi1zi1zm0279afaba5cff4170e8d7fe66aaa2777d2dfac0deccf1933eb9e7e4dc1e494ef_NetworkziSocketziShutdown_zdwgracefulClose_info+376> 0x4201db5978
0x42009fffd8: 0x891899 0x827210 <stg_catch_frame_info>
0x42009fffe8: 0xc 0x8c26a2
0x42009ffff8: 0x8224d8 <stg_stop_thread_info> 0x0
0x4200a00008: 0x0 0x0
0x4200a00018: 0x0 0x0
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0x4200a00028: 0x0 0x0
0x4200a00038: 0x0 0x0
0x4200a00048: 0x0 0x0
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