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Created October 15, 2018 09:12
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The double hijack trick, serving 65k connections from a single ruby process
# This server demo does a socket hijack in Rack and then saves the socket to a global variable
# to prevent it from being GCed when the Puma thread ends. It will then write "BEEP" to each
# socket every ten seconds to prevent the connection timing out. During testing, it easily
# handled up to 65523 connections, after which it ran into the `ulimit` for open file descriptors.
# The bit with the waiting area is there because a normal `Set` is not thread safe and it would
# drop socket due to race conditions. The `Queue` is thread safe and will make sure all sockets
# are preserved.
# run with `rackup -q -p 8000 -o`
# testing: install `ab` and then run `ab -c 20000 -n 20000 <ip adress of server>:8000/
# Make sure you have puma and rack installed globally, as there is no gemfile for this demo.
require 'puma'
require 'rack'
require 'set'
conn_waiting_area =
conn_storage =
# "Reactor" do
loop do
sleep 3
until conn_waiting_area.empty?
conn = conn_waiting_area.deq
conn_storage << conn
start_time =
conn_storage.each do |c|
c << "BEEP\n"
end_time =
puts "Number of clients connected: #{conn_storage.length}, time for entire write run: #{end_time - start_time}"
rescue StandardError => e
p e
end # begin
end # loop
end # Thread new
app = lambda do |env|
response_headers = {}
response_headers['Transfer-Encoding'] = 'binary'
response_headers["Content-Type"] = "text/plain"
response_headers["rack.hijack"] = lambda do |io|
conn_waiting_area << io
[200, response_headers, nil]
run app
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chase439 commented Nov 1, 2018

Very nice explanation of Rack and how to hijack it!

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david-pm commented Nov 2, 2018


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