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Converting from Prototype to jQuery (v1)

Converting from Prototype to jQuery

Selecting DOM elements

Prototype’s selector returns DOM elements.

// return: <div id="element_id"></div>

jQuery’s selector returns an object which may contain 0+n DOM elements.

jQuery("#element_id"); // or $("#element_id");
// return: [div#element_id]

The equivalent is:

// return: <div id="element_id"></div>

Binding functions to contexts

Prototype has a bind function.


jQuery binds with a proxy.

jQuery.proxy(function, context);

Iterating over an array

Prototype adds an each method to Array.

Array.each(function(item) {
  // ...

jQuery can iterate over arrays.

jQuery.each(Array, function(item) {
  // ...

But usually you want to iterate over the results of a jQuery selector:

jQuery("#element_id").each(function(index, element) {
  // ...

Adding event handlers

Prototype adds the observe method to DOM elements

$("element_id").observe("click", function(event){
  // ...

jQuery has the on method (⚠️ bind is deprecated in jQuery) .

jQuery("#element_id").on("click", function(jQueryEvent){
  // ...

…or the shorthand click (and others).

  // ...

The jQueryEvent object is not the same as a regular event object, but target() both work the same.

On DOM Ready

Initializing on DOM ready is done with Prototype’s observe method as:

document.observe("dom:loaded", function() {
  // ...

In jQuery:

  // ...

Value method

Prototype has .value.

$("#element_id").value;                 // get value
$("#element_id").value = "Hello world"; // set value

jQuery has .val.

jQuery("#element_id").val();              // get value
jQuery("#element_id").val("Hello world"); // set value
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