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Created Dec 31, 2017
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Getting a pointer to the PEB in C, for every architecture that NT was ported to (where at least one build of the port was leaked/released)
// Gets a pointer to the PEB for x86, x64, ARM, ARM64, IA64, Alpha AXP, MIPS, and PowerPC.
// This relies on MS-compiler intrinsics.
// It has only been tested on x86/x64/ARMv7.
inline PEB* NtCurrentPeb() {
#ifdef _M_X64
return (PEB*)(__readgsqword(0x60));
#elif _M_IX86
return (PEB*)(__readfsdword(0x30));
#elif _M_ARM
return *(PEB**)(_MoveFromCoprocessor(15, 0, 13, 0, 2) + 0x30);
#elif _M_ARM64
return *(PEB**)(__getReg(18) + 0x60); // TEB in x18
#elif _M_IA64
return *(PEB**)((size_t)_rdteb() + 0x60); // TEB in r13
#elif _M_ALPHA
return *(PEB**)((size_t)_rdteb() + 0x30); // TEB pointer returned from callpal 0xAB
#elif _M_MIPS
return *(PEB**)((*(size_t*)(0x7ffff030)) + 0x30); // TEB pointer located at 0x7ffff000 (PCR in user-mode) + 0x30
#elif _M_PPC
// winnt.h of the period uses __builtin_get_gpr13() or __gregister_get(13) depending on _MSC_VER
return *(PEB**)(__gregister_get(13) + 0x30); // TEB in r13
#error "This architecture is currently unsupported"
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