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ElasticSearch: Creating snapshot

Based on documentation from ElasticSearch about snapshots

To create backup with ElasticSearch

  1. Create on elasticsearch node a backup folder
    mkdir /srv/webplatform/elastic_backup
    chown -R elasticsearch:elasticsearch /srv/webplatform/elastic_backup
  1. Register folder as snapshot destination
    curl -XPUT '' -d '{"type": "fs","settings": {"location": "/srv/webplatform/elastic_backup", "compress": true }}'
  1. List snapshot folders
    curl -XGET ''
      "elastic_backup" : {
        "type" : "fs",
        "settings" : {
          "compress" : "true",
          "location" : "/srv/webplatform/elastic_backup"
  1. Make a snapshot
    curl -XPUT ''
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