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Created June 19, 2012 10:57
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process.nextTick(callback) for browsers too
!function (window) {"use strict";
// by WebReflection - WTFPL License
prefixes = "r webkitR mozR msR oR".split(" "),
process = "process",
nextTick = "nextTick",
i = 0,
p = window[process] || (window[process] = {})
while (!p[nextTick] && i < prefixes.length)
p[nextTick] = window[prefixes[i++] + "equestAnimationFrame"]
p[nextTick] || (p[nextTick] = window.setImmediate || window.setTimeout);
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Thanks for this, but I had a few problems with it.

First, adding any of the window functions onto process causes an illegal invocation, at least in chrome. To fix this you have to bind it back to the window. My version uses bind so is probably not backwards compatible, but works for me.

Second a note on using this as a way to minify for window. If you use a build tool like browserify to wrap this it will break because it wraps everything in a closure.

To fix that issue while still remaining small I made a few modifications:

(function(window, nextTick, process, prefixes, i, p, fnc) {
    p = window[process] || (window[process] = {});
    while (!fnc && i < prefixes.length) {
        fnc = window[prefixes[i++] + 'equestAnimationFrame'];
    p[nextTick] = p[nextTick] || (fnc && fnc.bind(window)) || window.setImmediate || window.setTimeout;
})(window, 'nextTick', 'process', 'r webkitR mozR msR oR'.split(' '), 0);

With the additional bind fix and changing this to window the original is 245 bytes. This one with both fixes is 219 bytes. I tested both with this script and they seemed to work:


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