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The most obtrusive and dark trick to promote objects inheritance without actually loosing the current one if not at the deepest level. It does not pollute the `Object.prototype`
var promote = function(getPrototypeOf, setPrototypeOf){
// (C) The Evilness
return function(self, Class){
promote = typeof Class == 'function' ?
Class.prototype : getPrototypeOf(Class),
current = self,
if (promote && !promote.isPrototypeOf(self)) {
do {
previous = current; // {} or latter prototype
current = getPrototypeOf(current); // Object.prototype
next = current && getPrototypeOf(current); // null
} while(next);
setPrototypeOf(previous, promote);
return self;
Object.getPrototypeOf ||
function(o){return o.__proto__},
Object.setPrototypeOf ||

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@WebReflection WebReflection commented Jul 18, 2013

// example
function A() {}
function B() {}
B.prototype = new A;
function C() {}
var b = new B;
// true, true, false
alert([b instanceof A, b instanceof B, b instanceof C]);
promote(b, C);

// now true, true, true
alert([b instanceof A, b instanceof B, b instanceof C]);

// but this is true too now!!!
alert(A.prototype instanceof C);

promote(b = {}, C);
alert(b instanceof C);
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