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How to run Unigine Superposition Benchmark in ArchLinux

OK, the amount of gotchas with unigine-superposition 1.1 benchmark is too damn high, which is a pity because it's awesome!!!

How to run Unigine Superposition Benchmark in ArchLinux

  • download the Linux (.run) version of Qt5.9, the latest version that works
  • make it executable chmod a+x
  • run it ./
  • skip the registration bit and when prompt about what to install, check Qt5.9 too (top checkbox) and don't change the default path (or do it and adjust following commands). You migt try to not install the tools and see how that goes.
  • use yay, yaourt or pakku / pamac to install pakku -S --needed unigine-superposition and I suggest you do that after a sudo mount -o remount,size=20G,noatime /tmp. If it ends with an error, just sudo pacman -U the-big-tar-file-in-tmp
  • remove the Qt folder inside the unigine-superposition via sudo rm -rf /opt/unigine-superposition/bin/qt
  • link back the qt folder via the Qt 5.9 one with all libs: sudo ln -s $HOME/Qt5.9.0/5.9/gcc_64 /opt/unigine-superposition/bin/qt
  • you are done, launching unigine-superposition should work (even with a network error you might not care).

You can ignore the network error (do not remove the LD_LIBRARY_PATH in the unigine-superposition file).

If you are on Wayland and it doesn't work, but it should be simply ignored, logout and enter Gnome via Xorg enabled.

Just use Window key and type Superposition before switching thouogh, as it shuuldn't be needed.

Enjoy 🎉

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