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Last active August 17, 2022 04:04
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ES6 Template like strings in ES3 compatible syntax.
// this is now a module:
var template = require('backtick-template');
// just string
const info = 'template';
`some ${info}` === template('some ${info}', {info});
// passing through a transformer
transform `some ${info}` ===
template(transform, 'some ${info}', {info});
// using it as String method
String.prototype.template = template.asMethod;
`some ${info}` === 'some ${info}'.template({info});
transform `some ${info}` ===
'some ${info}'.template(transform, {info});
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+1 for @hooblei - there is bad RE which makes } inside embedded expressions impossible.

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ramtob commented Sep 7, 2016


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bcomnes commented Dec 11, 2016

Has anyone turned this into a module instead of a prototype extend?

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@aMarCruz @hooblei @JaroslavMoravec @ramtob @bcomnes

I've rewritten the original idea from scratch and covered 100% (let's say it was an excuse to test coveralls but ... hey ...)

Best Regards

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