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Created November 23, 2019 18:44
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dbc871c0 was referenced but there is no commit with this id
dbc871c0 was referenced but there is no commit with this id
dbc871c0 was referenced but there is no commit with this id
dbc871c0 was referenced but there is no commit with this id
dbc871c0 was referenced but there is no commit with this id
dbc871c0 was referenced but there is no commit with this id
dbc871c0 was referenced but there is no commit with this id
dbc871c0 was referenced but there is no commit with this id
dbc871c0 was referenced but there is no commit with this id
    + Return Failure for missing symbols [44169c7a]
    + Add REQUIRE_DYNAMIC flag to DYNAMIC:: [0a05cbd9]
    + Pseudo-packages are now implementing most of roast [c503c1df]
    + Adapt tests to slighly changed behavior of pseudo-packages [2b1537c7]
    + Re-apply accidentally overriden commit. [58687904]
    + Remove surplus debug prints [ec8f0b09]
    + Fix for incorrect installation of nested modules [3d356629]
    + Make $*PERL.version report correct compiler version [65207879]
    + Revert the original Optimizer behaviour, just fix it [44ba0f22]
    + Implement die's default of fetching $! [a17d4652]
    + Prevent EVAL from loading CORE settings [075e60a5]
    + Revert recording of loaded CORES [43bf9102]
    + Correct scope definitions and EVAL support [fb6a7d35]
    + Temporarily disable lang-ver-before tests [d3e0c528]
    + Move VERSION file back to the root of build directory [33844cb4]
    + Don't guess caller's context. [c5476bd2]
    + Failure now first checks for existance of $! symbol [96456b6e]
    + Protect class Perl version method with Lock [4c10373b]
    + Re-implement CORE loading sequence [0e82bf3a]
    + Make PseudoStash from CORE.setting conform to pre-6.e state [43582f53]
    + Fix error generation for stubbed packages [9ca48a3c]
    + Get rid of !CORE_MARKER [78c5db26]
    + Make CORE:: fully available at compile time. [f1a7b9d6]
    + Re-consider what shall serve as CORE for 6.c [b455d2ec]
    + Fix for broken EVAL at compile time [e22909df]
    + Return Failure from failed P6-level .parse on 6.e [b21a5776]
    + Allow use of CLIENT:: pseudo-package in code in GLOBAL [7aa2848f]
    + Make every CORE compile with its respective language revision [ae4ba742]
    + Use compiler language version as default when CORE is being compiled [fc09bc67]
    + Implement CORE::<lang-rev> pseudo-packages [197fcc2c]
    + Set full name of CORE::X pseudo-package [48d11723]
    + Provide compile-time access to CORE::X namespaces [dbfb2e25]
    + Modules with 'no precompilation' can be use'd inside EVALs again [842318cf]
    + [js] Temporary workaround for a bug [4927eae0]
    + [js] Use --> syntax instead of returns [e95582da]
    + Make subset behave depending on what language revision created it [199c4096]
    + Fix cross-language revision imports [e9e234c8]
    + Rename second-level CORE namespaces to v6<rev> [ae7e77e7]
    + Compile CORE.e.setting on the JVM backend, too [aaec2cfe]
    + Make part of Perl6::Ops backend-independent [567d45ba]
    + Allow registering of ops on any compiler with register_op_desugar [be9bc022]
    + Implementation of nqp::p6client* ops [03564cda]
    + Added `nqp::p6getlexclient` op [cbce0edd]
    + Provide $*OPTIMIZER-SYMBOLS for `nqp::p6getlexclient` [f8768ae5]
    + Add Grammar which returns Failure on failed parse [daebcd26]
    + Improve multi-revision support [c94f5db6]
    + Fixed overlooked use of `CORE` without `.c` [b9e7ad49]
    + Support loading language-revision dependent symbols [43066b9d]
    + Explicitly make a variable a native int again... [c0b6cafc]
    + Finalize implementation of Grammar.parse returning Failure [4cdd2d10]
    + add missing used module [e771d1d8]
    + Fix detection of current language version [7b523503]
    + [NQP Bump] Brings 6 commits [190e84bb]
    + Fix outdated .gitignore files [402f5263]
    + Add has-symbols test sub [5cd45f91]
    + Add more tests for symbols in CORE and SETTING [53bb28d0]
    + Handle new BOOTSTRAP/ dir in cleanup [e119852c]
    + JVM backend support for the new structure [a266cacf]
    + Add missing line continuation [fa3d168c]
    + Add Grammar to 6.e CORE symbols [d46a9084]
    + Micro-optimization of Bool method [e424248a]
    + Micro-optimization of method Promise::Bool [57f4a4c9]
    + [NQP Bump] Brings 5 commits [19e075ff]
    + Use cincludes configuration variable from MoarVM [98e0bb68]
    + [NQP Bump] Brings 2 commits [3ed7e463]
    + Intermidiate commit, first steps to merge Makefiles [74726ecc]
    + Revert accidentally applied patch for 6.c version of Grammar [2e4d2958]
    + Fix for incorrect default parent lookup [37d504e5]
    + Reverted wrongful solution [9a371ad4]
    + Unroll wrongful solution [9dc6cb8a]
    + Fix for setting core classes language version [617999c1]
    + Use 6.e Grammar class as default for grammar decalarations [46c05032]
    + Handle revision in names of settings files [d29eebe6]
    + [js] Make nqp::decont_s work on a rakudo scalar [b380fd20]
    + [js] Use the result of our Makefile generation script directly [94da451f]
    + [js] Add vim line to template [f6242f50]
    + Added BOOTSTRAP directory for gen/<backend> [f0582f79]
    + Add --silent-build option [f9ee6043]
    + MoarVM backend currently builds [ae30136b]
    + [js] Fixed to the point where it's attempting to compile the setting [ff0c4ee1]
    + Enable moar spesh plugins only on the moar backend [c1d98e3a]
    + [js] Refactor the to use PERL6_*_JS variables [17d036ad]
    + Implement installation [d4b0bf58]
    + Draft implementation for JS backend makefile [dd531774]
    + Commit left behind installation part of the makefile [68448c34]
    + Fix exception propagation with race inside race [9d1505d1]
    + Throw if keep/break is invoked on a vow more than once [c7ec96aa]
    + Assign to closed promise only once [0f31d353]
    + Catch exception when trying to keep/break the closed promise [5aa998f1]
    + Renamed exception to X::Promise::Resolved [f32b86a9]
    + Don't throw on double close [b8f92d25]
    + Minor tweaks for JS backend support [06d6dc8e]
    + [js] Remove no longer needed script that generated a [fa238cac]
    + Take signal part of process outcome into account [225b1c56]
    + Report signal in X::Proc::Unsuccessful [89fc9f35]
    + Align Proc.signal with Proc.exitcode [6b42d314]
    + [NQP Bump] Brings 8 commits [9dd67cb3]
    + Avoid using pattern rules [aaf56d06]
    + Use make-family specific variable for first prerequisite [d4c8664d]
    + Use make_all_prereq config varibale [732172b4]
    + Use make pre-processor ifndef instead of ?= [88f945cd]
    + nqp-configure submodule update [6409298f]
    + nqp-configure submodule update [dc9328b1]
    + Use @shquot()@ for echo [09456adc]
    + Insert space between SET_NQP_LIB RUN_PERL6 macros [8ab73c1f]
    + Fix missed unquoted @ in a string [2aed2965]
    + Use set_nqp_lib macro instead of makefile variable [ca8db0e4]
    + Sort out use of runner_suffix [78bc07cb]
    + Remove @set_nqp_lib@ prefix from CORE compilation [caca59a0]
    + Add * to the list [1dbb28a1]
    + Make use of `echo` macro [48fa8429]
    + Suppress extra command line output [7a643a21]
    + Move building of JS backend from node_modules into blib dir [5914ecbe]
    + Removed overlooked extra rule for perl6-debug.jar [69c06060]
    + Try fixing JS backend not loading modules from relative path [e4cee3ef]
    + nqp-configure submodule update [499b15b4]
    + Add rakudo.js and perl6-debug.js to .gitignore [ab7e5559]
    + Futher unification of JS backend with others [a69fdc41]
    + Fix <backend>_HARNESS_TYPE not been set [6c1af04e]
    + Make COREs compile in blib [b0fc0fa1]
    + Remove redundant exception reporting [b11e856f]
    + Try not to attempt removing stale precompiled files when not needed [c9428a5f]
    + Remove stale CORE.<rev>.setting precompiles from base dir [1e148100]
    + Fix dependencies for CORE.<rev>.setting [d938e2fc]
    + Add Jonathan's article on language versioning an compatibility [fb7c2bca]
    + Make Junction ops diffy [d7085354]
    + Revert making junction ops diffy [a7864b85]
    + De-containerize junction values [f3234baa]
    + [NQP Bump] Brings 4 commits [daaf0277]
    + bump nqp for a revert inside moarvm [b55b85ae]
    + Replace remaining \t sequences with actual tabs [971b5ecc]
    +  Allow external control for decontainerization of Map values [688c82cc]
    + Make coercion of Hash into Map decont values [2b68cfff]
    + Split methods into deconting and plain ones [b67171e9]
    + Move the release date to the next month [c1e0e386]
    + Insert missing space beween backend test targets [0c5432b3]
    + Pass down to NQP build --no-silent-build [9a076eb9]
    + Bump NQP to get build fixes [ca5e3f1c]
    + nqp-configure submodule update [f6606f2a]
    + Another fix for NQP_HOME support [3b9233b7]
    + Split installation into stages [4ea8c313]
    + Turn comp and comp_rr into receipe macros [e0a2a8aa]
    + Make use of use_prereqs macro in comp and comp_rr macros [94457a35]
    + nqp-configure submodule update [75641fc2]
    + Bump NQP version [554f91e8]
    + Allow sub-classing of Proxy objects [4a76778c]
    + Make sure we decont whatever we create a Proxy subclass with [ead4fcc3]
    + Don't assign to "local" atteribute [96364664]
    + Remove special case [fe1dcada]
    + .compose_repr is only needed in the bootstrap [5eea5f4e]
    + Make sure that Backtrace.list lists all the frames [559c24f0]
    + Make .starts-with / .ends-with quite a bit faster [c3926928]
    + Make .substr-eq quite a bit faster [44a6a0de]
    + Make .contains quite a bit faster [696eea2d]
    + Make .index quite a bit faster [1d4c21d0]
    + Make .rindex quite a bit faster [6f5232f4]
    + Remove two unneeded "is copy"s [3697325c]
    + Make .comb quite a bit faster [6297b0e4]
    + Make .indices quite a bit faster [519cfdeb]
    + Make .lines quite a bit faster [25abfe2b]
    + Make .words quite a bit faster [1e2b0ec5]
    + Updates to current name for meta information file [13989f0c]
    + Make the Buf.write-* methods return self [dae981e8]
    + Allow type objects on Buf.write-int/num/bits [43b5e768]
    + Make Buf.write-bits really work on type objects [18ff9052]
    + Fix internal code reference documentation for language version [586b9f2e]
    + [NQP Bump] Brings 12 commits [7cbaa0c8]
    + [js] Do not generate a rakudo.js [c6e12ee7]
    + [js] Remove outdated comment from [c22144fa]
    + [js] Fix the release building script after the build changes [c51358f8]
    + [js] Tests for calling methods on wrapped js objects [37ac487d]
    + [js] Test passing values to js land that get converted into primitives [adb019b6]
    + [js] Add some JS interop docs [f3c7f11c]
    + [js] Update recommended node version [7bb4152e]
    + [js] Use ops for requring node.js modules [f148d618]
    + [js] Fix README formating [6c35cef6]
    + [js] Make example a bit clearer [0a3924de]
    + [js] Fix stuff needed to parcel up precompiled code for browser use [e81f6a01]
    + Use the NativeCall repr's new get_int to avoid redundancy [9ef7a7e9]
    + Fix inconsistent state of NativeCall subs after repossession [573f6a2f]
    + Work around "Cannot invoke this object (REPR: Null; VMNull)" [4df02fac]
    + Fix REPL exit instructions on Windows [c642a29a]
    + Fix a mistype in variable name [1fa7cedd]
    + Initial Raku changes to the README [6f086e65]
    + Micro-optimize analyze_dispatch [fae105b0]
    + An object will never work if native is expected [73d5e74d]
    + Fix rw handling in compile time dispatch [12d4514a]
    + [NQP Bump] Brings 2 commits [f3dda96a]
    + On Windows EOF is ^Z [9e70bdea]
    + Enhance REPL test [637c1af6]
    + Update REPL test [fbd5e85e]
    + Bump NQP to get latest MoarVM fixes [33192b5e]
    + Fix native subs declared in BEGIN blocks and role bodies [e45bb341]
    + Test rakudo-specific warning for shape specifier A simple test that runs code and checks if a warning is issued. Closes [7f15a57c]
    + Add support for .rakumod extension [daa16b9c]
    + Fix new NativeCall test failing on Windows [7dc34148]
    + Test indexing with whatever for CArray Closes [bc8ca4e6]
    + Fix optimizer interfering with some native subs [d662912e]
    + Fix leaking an open file handle when re-precompiling [2dd570de]
    + FIx test count failure on windows [91c7b28c]
    + Improve error msgs: invalid open bracket, declarator blocks [26f63ff7]
    + Fix OpenBSD build [0da331ab]
    + Fix a wrong reference [1ac9d657]
    + Fix OpenBSD build [b472ad5e]
    + Remove excessive quoting [e4c48100]
    + Fix debug message for initial timer worker thread [c745d6b1]
    + Allow user to retain formatting of pod leading declarator blocks [9a4c83af]
    + Preserve compiler version in EVALs [0eea939f]
    + [NQP Bump] Brings 2 commits [7b1977ec]
    + Implement a .raku method placeholder for now [7cf73de0]
    + Make sure that Travis reports to #raku-dev [54e0acee]
    + Added missing @expand()@ [7e7aa262]
    + Create FUNDING.yml [2c5c0135]
    + Merge pull request #3277 from rakudo/ugexe-patch-1 [3802cdfc]
    + Add to yaml as GH approves more folks. [1ec69e1f]
    + Correct formatting error [654d6a16]
    + Change IRC name to #raku-dev [aa06d32a]
    + More Raku entries [044b3390]
    + Add support for implicit signature of { ... } [e7c20386]
    + Append myself to the list [88db15f7]
    + Merge pull request #3280 from rakudo/outer-perl [1d84c64d]
    + Only pass on capture in `sub split` if it's there [3e2cfb4d]
    + Merge pull request #3283 from MasterDuke17/make_sub_split_a_bit_more_speshable [726c38f0]
    + Make sure that $*RAKU does not return a Failure [a05e169e]
    + Slightly other approach to handling "a".UInt [8f30cc76]
    + Fix and usage instructions [0b8ede6c]
    + Allow "Raku" as a language in EVAL: :lang<Raku> [1c5d010f]
    + sub comb() was not expecting :match as a named argument [dd2f072d]
    + Remove support for :match from comb() if not needed [a9cd6404]
    + Merge pull request #3245 from Altai-man/test-warning [d36c2e5a]
    + Merge pull request #3231 from usev6/literal_to_rw_2019 [a62d9c78]
    + Clarify stale file removal text [75056dfa]
    + Make sure Any.ASSIGN-POS does not decontainerize [ed8f5141]
    + Merge pull request #3253 from tbrowder/decl-blocks [bbcc342b]
    + Merge pull request #3260 from tbrowder/decl-fmt-user [e03f0134]
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