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Created November 19, 2023 16:14
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    + Don't open handles when calling Distribution.content [9db25993]
    + Merge pull request #5432 from rakudo/release-2023.10 [6942341e]
    + RakuAST: add "write-hash" subroutine to RakuAST::L10N [86458273]
    + RakuAST: programmatically sort localization texts [ed97a478]
    + RakuAST: fix NL translation of pragma-strict [5567dd45]
    + RakuAST: add "localization-files" sub to RakuAST::L10N [8b659b55]
    + RakuAST: tweak some NL localizations [47585807]
    + RakuAST: localization support for quoting adverbs [711032b0]
    + RakuAST: add localization of quoting adverbs [9b6c660d]
    + Merge pull request #5431 from rakudo/ugexe-patch-1 [e40266f2]
    + Remove largely unknown flags from installed raku script shims [bdd77290]
    + RakuAST: add French localization [b5c9c9b3]
    + Check if requested backtrace is null [76bfebf5]
    + RakuAST: make quote-lang markers rx m s localizable [fe8123d0]
    + Don't use underscores in modern identifiers [92ed414c]
    + RakuAST: make quote-lang markers q Q qq localizable [f712bdf8]
    + RakuAST: streamline some grammar methods [c0eb6b6f]
    + Merge pull request #5434 from rakudo/ugexe-patch-1 [7efb6219]
    + RakuAST: refactor quote-language handling [45b1a26b]
    + (Re-)align backtraces on JVM with MoarVM (#5421) [53a79941]
    + RakuAST: add localization of quote-lang markers [bd5a28c9]
    + RakuAST: add missing entries to French localization [05a2c26e]
    + RakuAST: "ss" is not a quoting adverb [d8d79a32]
    + RakuAST: fix issue with < > in regexes [36844606]
    + Rakuast: fix NL localization on qq// [2b365ac9]
    + Fix handling of dynamic containers on 6.e PseudoStash [0479e2fd]
    + Merge pull request #5439 from vrurg/fix-pseudostash-container-handling [663da63a]
    + RakuAST: do quote adverb localization at the right place [9a115ba4]
    + RakuAST: add localization of internal regex modifiers [7fcbfd65]
    + RakuAST: :dba is not a Raku thing [60f4b8b9]
    + RakuAST: Avoid re-declaration of $_ in sub-sigs [f1de73e9]
    + RakuAST: Fix binding of $_ on smartmatch RHS [790c7ac9]
    + RakuAST: Fix test cases to not use topic variable [7a3b2bec]
    + RakuAST: fix deparsing of regex modifiers [3a44581f]
    + RakuAST: fix localized deparsing for regex adverbs [090e6f51]
    + RakuAST: fix localized deparsing for postcircumfix adverbs [6a991a02]
    + Bump NQP to get new nano-based stat times [8eee6c39]
    + Use new stat-time-nanos syscall [cc15340f]
    + RakuAST: add RakuAST::Deparse::L10N module [06d9773e]
    + RakuAST: add preliminary localization tests [f6e7475b]
    + Make sure t/13-localization tests are actually run [f3a7c045]
    + RakuAST: some DE and NL localization tweaks [efe05847]
    + RakuAST: DE / NL deparse localization tweaks [63fd90ac]
    + RakuAST: add "dontslang" argument to slang role loading [fcde2745]
    + RakuAST: introduce L10N module [ec8628c5]
    + Add :slang argument to Cool.AST [4707dc5a]
    + RakuAST: remove some dead code [5e3f8f33]
    + RakuAST: fix typo in NL localization [4ef932fd]
    + RakuAST: make localization slangs actually work again [57ea28d1]
    + RakuAST: change semantics of 2ast methods a bit [e008984a]
    + RakuAST: make sure localizations work for foo() [30b944e7]
    + RakuAST: add full roundtripping tests of localizations [d6b33aef]
    + RakuAST: don't bother to export localizations [a992d305]
    + RakuAST: add helper script to set up deparse expectations [94caf95a]
    + RakuAST: add output test to localization tests [464ffab3]
    + RakuAST: fix localization deparsing of named arguments [98f71865]
    + RakuAST: fix localization deparsing issue with quote-lang [7049370f]
    + RakuAST: fix deparsing of heredocs in argument lists [f6c41fcc]
    + RakuAST: fix deparsing of attributes with initializers [42f402c9]
    + RakuAST: fix deparsing of infinite loops [70b477ba]
    + RakuAST: add more localization tests [4b5333bf]
    + RakUAST: some NL localization tweaks [33a6bccf]
    + RakuAST: generalize slang handling [3fea4738]
    + RakuAST: fix type in DE localization [18551ef9]
    + RakuAST: no trailing whitespace in translatable tokens [a186dd05]
    + RakuAST: move knowledge about class names to actions [a3baa9df]
    + RakuAST: add RakuAST::Doc::Markup.set-opener/closer [688b625a]
    + Add test for Unicode 15.1 [bd53ad25]
    + RakuAST: check for MONKEY-TYPING when augmenting [c727c2ae]
    + RakuAST: remove ::Package::Augmented [4a5e0181]
    + RakuAST: Re-generate meta-objects on name or signature change [9ca11986]
    + RakuAST: create subclasses for package types [0fb3d809]
    + RakuAST: move more logic to ::Package subclasses [1623e67e]
    + Add L10N::PT [d1812ff1]
    + RakuAST: only load localization files actually requested [1d626078]
    + RakuAST: add PT as known localization [6d64ee39]
    + RakuAST: activate RakuAST when updating sources [95973945]
    + RakuAST: add tests for PT localization [974c48bb]
    + RakuAST: split off some more role specific logic [24fdf40c]
    + RakuAST: streamline application of body semantics [d6de1390]
    + RakuAST: enforce check before using nqp:: ops [89f58733]
    + RakuAST: some streamlining of ::Package and subclasses [b689ae07]
    + RakuAST: fix interface with ::Role [4d4e2a8a]
    + RakuAST: don't bother to specify the actions [8e096c24]
    + RakuAST: prevent repeated $*HOW lookups [721906f6]
    + RakuAST: make sure $/ is deconted [ec57a59f]
    + RakuAST: simplify sorry/worry innitialization [aff290da]
    + RakuAST: simplify RakuDoc w|sorries [cf3feb58]
    + RakuAST: it's .add-(w|s)orry   duh [3d91a34c]
    + RakuAST: a class doing CheckTime can invoke .add-worry [b468d243]
    + RakuAST: streamline worries and sorries [30697fea]
    + RakuAST: Use stubby meta for Routine [fd99f6dc]
    + RakuAST: fix various issues with ApplyPostfix deparsing [12a13c48]
    + RakuAST: deparse method calls without args without () [92522e89]
    + RakuAST: add :no-parentheses hint to ::Call::Name [50b8e191]
    + RakuAST: implement with () using a subclass [dc85a994]
    + Add "Sonoma" as known MacOS description [08b35312]
    + RakuAST: fix deparsing for sub calls without args [083567a2]
    + RakUAST: adapt localization tests to new deparsing features [ffd136cc]
    + RakuAST: fix handling of vulgars [37fbee11]
    + RakUAST: introduce RakuAST::Package::Attachable [f53c6505]
    + RakuAST: handle 'has method' better in packages [e8b49542]
    + RakuAST: use informational method "can-have-methods" [2f59eeeb]
    + RakuAST: make exception compile-time proof [37e8d29f]
    + RakuAST: worry about adding an attribute to a package [9438ef1a]
    + RakuAST: simplify RakuAST::Initializer::Assign|Bind [ad87284a]
    + RakuAST: remove known attributes from seen attributes [d7c64bdb]
    + Add Raku.legacy implementation-detail class method [a9da976e]
    + Replace incorrect CoC report link [2846ea59]
    + RakuAST: make handling of ⁶⁶⁷/₃ sane [349ee9c2]
    + Make sure that "no actions" really means it [bd2c719e]
    + Merge pull request #5467 from rakudo/fix-CoC-link [6d90c923]
    + Bump NQP for libuv update [c5622ff9]
    + RakuAST: Make multi subs check for re-declaration of signatures [d47c8feb]
    + RakuAST: Support where blocks on variables [98da5961]
    + RakuAST: Provide where and proper type in .raku and deparse [d15cec91]
    + RakuAST: Add tests for where guards on regular variables [356faf99]
    + Fully qualify many method calls in Match [f2c39412]
    + RakuAST: the (s|w)orry-ad-hoc methods were removed [a3bbb380]
    + RakuAST: make ::Node.rakudoc not descend into ::Doc::Block [b224a091]
    + Update SIL.rakumod [d9be3a2a]
    + RakuAST: don't merge columns unless they're all strings [f20f7eee]
    + RakuAST: don't check markup meta inside a V<> [40b4a971]
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