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2017-11-26T22:21:12Z 2017-12-04T06:07:00Z

From ≈2017-11-26T22:21:12Z to ≈2017-12-04T06:07:00Z
Open tickets before: 1732
Open tickets after: 1741
Number of tickets touched: 185

Resolved tickets (16)

[resolved] RT#116719 Internal error message on Z=> in enum declaration in Rakudo
[resolved] RT#116895 LTM alternation captures the wrong stuff when backtracking in Rakudo
[resolved] RT#123457 enum A <Code> "P6opaque: no such attribute '$!signature'"
[resolved] RT#123979 %064b format doesn't deal with negatives
[resolved] RT#124403 Table parsing broken in rakudo
[resolved] RT#124832 Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S12-enums/basic.t line:24 reason: 'Cannot convert string to number'
[resolved] RT#125027 Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S05-modifier/perl5_9.t line:35 reason: 'Quantifier quantifies nothing'
[resolved] RT#125488 Some phaser blorsts don't see outer $_
[resolved] RT#128221 Weird internal error when parsing some very simple Pod with '-' in the first column of a table in Rakudo
[resolved] RT#130549 <:Digit> apparently matches anything
[resolved] RT#132341 table handling should ensure table rows have the same number of cells even if they are empty
[resolved] RT#132348 tables should accept an inline comment (Z<some comment>)
  [closed]   GH#1251 Fix backtracking a subrule
  [closed]   GH#1275 Spectest failures t/spec/S26-documentation/07-tables.t
  [closed]   GH#1279 Ignore .DS_Store
  [closed]   GH#1286 Disable textual ordering as a tie-breaker in multi dispatch

Half-resolved (tests needed) (12)

[testneeded] RT#119521 “ctxlexpad needs an MVMContext” when reaching too far out to get to the truth in Rakudo
[testneeded] RT#122929 quoted LHS of pair constructor inside enum definition makes elements be ignored
[testneeded] RT#122980 LTA error message on fairly strange input, complaining about the lack of a semicolon when the semicolon's right there in Rakudo
[testneeded] RT#123116 Weird error for code parameters with subsignatures in Rakudo
[testneeded] RT#123216 QRPA: Can't pop from an empty array!
[testneeded] RT#124083 Problem with metaops on num32
[testneeded] RT#124434 Passing an Exception object to segfaults (SEGV) in sink context in Rakudo
[testneeded] RT#125299 LTA error message when forgetting to close block inside string in Rakudo
[testneeded] RT#125384 Could not find symbol '&parse-string' in installed module, local version works fine. 
[testneeded] RT#125985 Internal error when a constant, unspace, and a map are involved in Rakudo
[testneeded] RT#128017 enum treats a Seq of Pairs as a List of Str
[testneeded] RT#130446 Creating an enum from a Hash does not work but no longer warns (enum Bits (%thing))

Updated tickets (132)

     [updated]  RT#67942 'enum Foo %h' calls sub h() and then throws Null PMC access
     [updated]  RT#76744 implement :dba adverbs in regexes
     [updated] RT#110820 Variable declaration inside statement_modifier for inside junction triggers bogus redeclaration error in Rakudo
     [updated] RT#111164 [@LARRY] Cannot slice a Range that is bound to an array variable
     [updated] RT#111674 Can't refer to a constant in RHS of the constant declaration in Rakudo
     [updated] RT#114480 Pod table cell contents should be parsed as para
[open→stalled] RT#114708 LTA message when splicing into string
     [updated] RT#115364 LTA error message when doing 'is' on a package declaration in Rakudo
     [updated] RT#116012 What's clearly a postfix is called a prefix in an error message in Rakudo
    [new→open] RT#116783 'my' class in role should be generic in Rakudo
    [new→open] RT#117421 Typing with ::SomeClass instead of SomeClass in 'has' declaration causes the wrong type object to end up in that attribute in Rakudo
     [updated] RT#118023 typed hashes and metaops and slots, oh my, in Rakudo
     [updated] RT#119215 empty-list adverb on literal hash yields LTA, too-internal error message in Rakudo
     [updated] RT#119401 < $< $> > yields a one-element list, not a two-element list in Rakudo
    [new→open] RT#120394 Can't access private attributes through the ::('$!x') syntax in Rakudo
    [new→open] RT#121154 Int type object is much stricter with infix:<%> than Any in Rakudo
    [new→open] RT#121166 LTA error message when assigning to lexical variables from inside a regex in Rakudo
     [updated] RT#121319 multi sub not importing when precompiled
    [new→open] RT#121843 my @words <== sort <== ("c", "b", "a");  # feed failing to parse
     [updated] RT#121987 Negated generic comparisons do not chain correctly
    [new→open] RT#122289 unexpected behaviour during EVAL()
    [new→open] RT#122653 'is iffy' for custom infix operators
     [updated] RT#122792 .^add_fallback in module used by module causes precompilation to fail
    [new→open] RT#122838 BEGIN GLOBAL::<name> assignment does not work in Rakudo
     [updated] RT#122896 'is cached' routines break when precompiled
    [new→open] RT#122972 Proto regex with params isn't called correctly (possibly NYI) in Rakudo
    [new→open] RT#122991 Implement 'handles' for 'my'-scoped (class) variables in classes
    [new→open] RT#122992 Declaring a 'my' array or hash typed with a type parameter ends up blowing up with a fixable error message about instantiating generics in Rakudo
    [new→open] RT#123060 `$++` statements in routines sometimes give the anonymous variable `my` scoping, sometimes `state` scoping in Rakudo
    [new→open] RT#123445 [@LARRY] More generic arguments should be acceptable for blocks supplied as closure parameters
    [new→open] RT#123446 Closure parameter call site types should be checked at compile time if possible
[new→rejected] RT#123507 Can't stat modules/debugger-ui-commandline/lib: No such file or directory
    [new→open] RT#123583 Two different enum values with the same short name should "poison" the slot they're in, rather than refuse to merge global symbols in Rakudo
    [new→open] RT#123596 vars from subsigs are not available to where blocks
    [new→open] RT#123709 error message (for what maybe shouldn't be an error at all) when prefixing a sub name with '&' in Rakudo
    [new→open] RT#123776 [@LARRY] Binding a variable at BEGIN time doesn't stick aruond for runtime
    [new→open] RT#123827 Callframe.package not yet implemented
     [updated] RT#123835 [@LARRY] Cannot use 'is rw' on optional parameter
     [updated] RT#123862 Negative exponents not parsed in radix literals
    [new→open] RT#123903 Some forms of "dynamic symbol lookup" syntax cause compiler error in Rakudo
     [updated] RT#123919 Error message about impossible call occurs at runtime when it could occur at compile time, because there's a non-constant argument in Rakudo
    [new→open] RT#123953 Coercion type applied via role parameter fails to multi-dispatch
    [new→open] RT#124007 method delegation doesn't work in roles
    [new→open] RT#124018 Differing behavior of multi grammar rules with and without "multi"
    [new→open] RT#124036 The compiler shouldn't yell at a call to a subroutine that has been wrapped by a trait in Rakudo
    [new→open] RT#124098 Passing an argument list to the export trait slows the parse stage down a lot.
    [new→open] RT#124142 Something is off with multi dispatch, natives and where clauses
    [new→open] RT#124150 Match.caps is inconsistent across backends
    [new→open] RT#124161 failure to bind to pointy block param
    [new→open] RT#124210 Assignment to several declared SSA-style \x variables fails in Rakudo
    [new→open] RT#124226 Opportunity to catch syntactically detectable calls to attribute-accessing methods on type objects in Rakudo
     [updated] RT#124281 colonpairs in [POD] config options always produce strings
    [new→open] RT#124341 Proxy object also works on non- "is rw" subs/methods
     [updated] RT#124581 :./S02-magicals/PERL.t line:8 reason: 'unimpl 0PERL'
     [updated] RT#124582 Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S02-magicals/PERL.t line:46 reason: 'no Perl.signature yet'
     [updated] RT#124585 Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S02-magicals/PERL.t line:50 reason: 'no Perl.desc yet'
     [updated] RT#124588 Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S02-magicals/PERL.t line:61 reason: 'no Perl.signature yet'
     [updated] RT#124591 Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S02-magicals/PERL.t line:71 reason: 'no Perl.compiler.signature yet'
     [updated] RT#124594 Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S02-magicals/PERL.t line:75 reason: 'no Perl.compiler.desc yet'
     [updated] RT#124597 Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S02-magicals/PERL.t line:79 reason: 'no Perl.compiler.release yet'
     [updated] RT#124600 Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S02-magicals/PERL.t line:84 reason: 'no Perl.compiler.codename yet'
     [updated] RT#124606 Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S02-magicals/VM.t line:7 reason: ' does not exist'
     [updated] RT#124608 ./S02-magicals/VM.t line:16 reason: 'unimpl 0VM'
     [updated] RT#124609 Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S02-magicals/VM.t line:45 reason: 'no VM.signature yet'
     [updated] RT#124616 :./S02-magicals/DISTRO.t line:18 reason: 'unimpl 0DISTRO'
    [new→open] RT#124617 Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S02-magicals/DISTRO.t line:44 reason: 'no Distro.signature yet'
    [new→open] RT#124624 $?KERNEL, $?DISTRO, $?VM megaticket
     [updated] RT#124625 Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S02-magicals/KERNEL.t line:36 reason: 'no Kernel.signature yet'
     [updated] RT#124626 Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S02-magicals/KERNEL.t line:38 reason: 'no Kernel.desc yet'
     [updated] RT#124679 [@LARRY] Rakudo allows using '#`' (embedded comment) without following opening bracket, should not
    [new→open] RT#124960 leave
     [updated] RT#124981 Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S06-operator-overloading/sub.t line:173 reason: 'infix:<;>'
     [updated] RT#124982 Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S06-operator-overloading/sub.t line:188 reason: 'missing block, apparently if not an op'
     [updated] RT#124983 Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S06-operator-overloading/sub.t line:231 reason: 'infix Z will never work; no lexical Z'
    [new→open] RT#125053 Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S04-declarations/multiple.t line:30 reason: 'nom regression'
    [new→open] RT#125130 cannot access pod blocks as a Hash
    [new→open] RT#125168 a way to open files in "r+" mode in Rakudo
    [new→open] RT#125200 parametric role generic type not resolving early enough?
[new→rejected] RT#125343 Using an earliest { ... wait 0 { ... } } causes 
     [updated] RT#125353 %(:a:b) ignores all elements after the first one
    [new→open] RT#125398 with no strict temp does not autcreate hashes and hash elements
    [new→open] RT#125487 Possible MMD issue when binding nqp::null() ??
    [new→open] RT#125575 negation of before/after cannot be chained
     [updated] RT#125596 error message with if; and unless; without conditions
     [updated] RT#125614 Can't store whole 1&2 junctions in Mu-keyed hash in Rakudo
    [new→open] RT#125640 Attribute initialization with ::= in Rakudo
    [new→open] RT#125659 Internal error when doing $::<a> in Rakudo
    [new→open] RT#125662 Unknown type error being hidden in trait definittion.
     [updated] RT#125674 error message prints wrong eject position (if True if { };)
    [new→open] RT#125732 Subsignatures of a capture param not used to sort MMD candidates
    [new→open] RT#125800 :radix[] form allows too-large place values
[new→rejected] RT#125828 Unexpected behavior with `getc` in raw mode
    [new→open] RT#125899 Just-declared variable should be visible inside 'will <phaser>' block, but isn't in Rakudo
    [new→open] RT#125934 &?ROUTINE changes to something else in gather in for loop
    [new→open] RT#125935 Cannot print a type captured copied into a variable in the parameter list of a role in Rakudo
    [new→open] RT#125940 Missed frame handler abort when returning from start { } in a sub
    [new→open] RT#125964 assigning to AOB List elem does not hint right
     [updated] RT#125975 our \NOW =;
     [updated] RT#125996 Complex parametric role composition fails badly when no candidate found
    [new→open] RT#126030 Multi-dim hash loses track of leaf type
     [updated] RT#126088 "Do not know how to load code from <foo>" due to wrong capitalization of <Foo>
     [updated] RT#126097 lossy .perl for 0 but True
    [new→open] RT#126098 [@LARRY] malformed .perl for Mu but True
    [new→open] RT#126099 .WHICH fails for Block but True
     [updated] RT#126102 Rat.perl doesn't round-trip numerical value
    [new→open] RT#126103 Rat literal fails for moderately large numerator
    [new→open] RT#126107 "of" type constraint inconsistently applied
    [new→open] RT#126111 coercive type constraint for variable inconsistently accepted
     [updated] RT#126112 instantiated Numeric hangs on numeric ops
    [new→open] RT#126116 native type constraint inconsistently applied
    [new→open] RT#126118 Nil.gist goes missing via type parameter
    [new→open] RT#126120 Cannot change native role attribute from consuming class
    [new→open] RT#126123 clashing type constraints accepted
     [updated] RT#126130 hangs on .gist
    [new→open] RT#126142 [@LARRY][NYI] Syntactic Categories in Grammars
    [new→open] RT#126184 Error in supply block reported at call context instead of definition
     [updated] RT#126278 Dynamic variable binding doesn't check for proper container
     [updated] RT#126742 config items should not include quotes for string values
     [updated] RT#126818 on "is cached" subs: getlex: outer index out of range
    [new→open] RT#127020 pod parsing memory is never freed
    [new→open] RT#127038 parsing does not create raw blocks
     [updated] RT#127509 Formatting codes in tables
     [updated] RT#128090 Easy Way to Export Only Specific Symbols At Compile Time
     [updated] RT#128636 is cached in a precompiled module results in error
     [updated] RT#129862 Pod::To::Text failing on uneven row lengths
    [new→open] RT#130041 Pair in enum declaration should either DWIM or parsefail
    [new→open] RT#130477 Pod config parses colopairs but simply stringifies whatever it matched
     [updated] RT#131099 is assoc('list') gives "MVMArray: Can't pop from an empty array"
    [new→open] RT#131856 [@LARRY] Junctions don't junct when routine has a slurpy, leading to inconsistent behaviour with core routines
     [updated] RT#132313 Rat literal syntax creates Rats with denominators larger than 64 bits
     [updated]   GH#1257 Rakudo 2017.10 fails to build on Debian big endian systems
     [updated]   GH#1268 Lazy slicing should not stop on the first hole, or something (say @a[lazy 3..*])

All new tickets (28)

   [new] RT#132510 "problem while trying to set up Linenoise"
  [open] RT#132511 Binary assignment Z+= fails if it's the last thing in for loop
  [open] RT#132512 make in regex on uncomposed type results in Nil
   [new] RT#132514 Failing tests in S03-operators/set_*.t, probably wrong multi selected
   [new] RT#132525 type constraints to Array[Pair] don't work when precompiled
  [open]   GH#1274 Missing test files
[closed]   GH#1275 Spectest failures t/spec/S26-documentation/07-tables.t
  [open]   GH#1276 Passing TODOs need unfudging t/spec/S32-str/sprintf-b.
  [open]   GH#1277 `require` fails to handle `:from` adverb
  [open]   GH#1278 Another SEGV in whateverable
[closed]   GH#1279 Ignore .DS_Store
  [open]   GH#1280 Memory “leak” in whateverable
  [open]   GH#1281 Argless default for .classify()
  [open]   GH#1282 need to handle table cells with char column separators as data
  [open]   GH#1283 Issue 1238: Fix Hash clone not retaining all attributes
  [open]   GH#1284 `::(...)` as type in signatures silently fails
  [open]   GH#1285 Make coercers work with parametarization of roles
[closed]   GH#1286 Disable textual ordering as a tie-breaker in multi dispatch
  [open]   GH#1287 add code to fix rakudo repo issue #1282
  [open]   GH#1288 Binding to attributes could be improved
  [open]   GH#1289 [6.d BLOCKER] Implement a Way to Know Caller's Language
  [open]   GH#1290 KEEP does not set $_ to the return value
  [open]   GH#1291 Fix table caption RT #126740
  [open]   GH#1292 MOP ^add_method could be renamed as ^add-method
  [open]   GH#1293 Proposal: easier syntax for multiple param aliases
  [open]   GH#1294 Passing named args without spaces between them silently fails in some cases
  [open]   GH#1295 LTA error with named args in method call in where clause
  [open]   GH#1296 Another butting issue on Str and Enum
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