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Created May 6, 2019

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2019-04-22T00:00:00Z 2019-04-29T00:00:00Z

From ≈2019-04-22T00:00:00Z to ≈2019-04-29T00:00:00Z
Open tickets before: 2355
Open tickets after: 2357
Number of tickets touched: 27

Resolved tickets (10)

[resolved] RT#126894 Cannot create Debian package with current rakudo-star build system
  [closed]   GH#2758 REPL: The Readline history file is not created when absent.
  [closed]   GH#2782 Multiple inheritence regression
  [closed]   GH#2788 Defined-or operator lets negative subscript cause a crash
  [closed]   GH#2824 Cannot run much of anything without MVM_JIT_DISABLE
  [closed]   GH#2842 Fix build runners
  [closed]   GH#2850 Invocation used to run Perl 6 code under remote debugger broken
  [closed]   GH#2854 Temporary: Fix PERL6/NQP_HOME broken without --execpath
  [closed]   GH#2858 Document MoarVM specific commandline options
  [closed]   GH#2861 Add semicolons automatically

Half-resolved (tests needed) (0)

Updated tickets (9)

    [updated]   GH#1210 doesn't like big Iterables
    [updated]   GH#2567 Non-zero wait status: 11 in testt
    [updated]   GH#2576 flapper in t/06-telemetry/01-basic.t on mips
    [updated]   GH#2650 IO::Path.dir failure listifies not-fatally on error
    [updated]   GH#2778 Retain original provides metadata structure
    [updated]   GH#2816 Revamp of
[closed→open]   GH#2839 Metamodel::Primitives.rebless on classes created via Metamodel::Primitives.create_type broken
    [updated]   GH#2845 Don't use nqp::execname on OpenBSD
    [updated]   GH#2847 Writing to multiple Proc::Async children throws exception after a few succeed

All new tickets (11)

[closed]   GH#2854 Temporary: Fix PERL6/NQP_HOME broken without --execpath
  [open]   GH#2855 Using . as prefix, causes compilation to fail on hypered method
  [open]   GH#2856 Inline::Perl5 fails during compilation of t/inherit.t
  [open]   GH#2857 Don't special case OpenBSD in relocatability handling
[closed]   GH#2858 Document MoarVM specific commandline options
  [open]   GH#2859 "try" does not work with signatures of return-type "Nil"
  [open]   GH#2860 Request to build man pages as part of "make install"
[closed]   GH#2861 Add semicolons automatically
  [open]   GH#2862 .head() does not coerce Rat to Int
  [open]   GH#2863 "Unknown QAST node type NQPMu" when missing a comma hash initialization
  [open]   GH#2864 Initializing hash works differently depending on comma usage
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