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    + Merge pull request #4477 from rakudo/release-2021.07 [a14655a5]
    + Revert "Revert "Rework IterateOneWithoutPhaser.push-all a bit"" [74d7ff77]
    + Fix a race in ClassHOW new_type [08f5448d]
    + Narrow the lock protected code down to the increment only [83b0bca7]
    + Make Pointer.(Numeric|Int) resolve to 0 [681e3b5e]
    + Bump NQP to get the latest MoarVM fixes [62e291f0]
    + Merge pull request #4482 from vrurg/fix-class-id-race [b7f088b5]
    + Fix location of Proc.status deprecation message [54f1b7a5]
    + Simplify R:I.While [ffde2ba2]
    + Re-compose native types [a8a78132]
    + Merge pull request #4487 from vrurg/rakudo_4485 [2c0343b5]
    + Fix List.reduce method failing with &[&&] (#4460) [ea389d66]
    + Make && || // about 2x as fast for the +@a candidates [db441c2c]
    + Enhance signature-signature typechecking (#4479) [66ae8612]
    + Make sure Float.NaN/Double.NaN can be passed by using the NaN [8ae6f394]
    + Merge pull request #4489 from titsuki/add-nativecall-test-nan [10b016cc]
    + Make Scalar a non-value-object [56fce9e7]
    + Merge pull request #4491 from vrurg/problem-solving-291 [16917ac4]
    + Enable rendering of nested blocks in Pod::To::Text [07517164]
    + Fix Pod::To::Text rendering of para blocks [27f7924e]
    + Reuse para2text sub for consistency [36de39f6]
    + Merge pull request #4433 from raydiak/nested2text [c67177b8]
    + Raise priority of `let` and `temp` operators [ca40fca0]
    + Add Robert Lemmen (RIP) [54880339]
    + Make let/temp priority on par with autoincrement [723e7488]
    + Merge pull request #4492 from vrurg/problem-solving-292 [289a62f4]
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