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Created Dec 24, 2019
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2019-12-03T23:44:03Z <AlexDaniel>: Xliff++ wants to create a Raku web framework. Help from others is needed to create an initial list of objectives/spec.
2019-12-04T17:23:42Z <AlexDaniel>: (there was one named “Perl6” before, so it's part of renaming progress)
2019-12-04T18:12:32Z <tobs>: ^ last note was an addendum to: Thanks to unclechu++ for a reminder, there's now a configured Matrix community for Raku: . Feel free to join it (let AlexDaniel know if you need an invite)
2019-12-05T02:32:46Z <AlexDaniel>: New bot: sourceable6! It's the next generation of SourceBaby. See and the wiki page with examples: (big thanks to Alexander Kiryuhin for the initial whateverablized version)
2019-12-09T00:12:42Z <AlexDaniel>: Another squashathon ended! And the winner is MasterDuke17++!
2019-12-16T16:05:58Z <lizmat>: now sais raku ionstead of perl6
2019-12-19T08:09:10Z <AlexDaniel>:
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