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@Whateverable Whateverable/query
Created May 6, 2019

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2019-04-29T00:00:00Z 2019-05-04T00:00:00Z

From ≈2019-04-29T00:00:00Z to ≈2019-05-04T00:00:00Z
Open tickets before: 2357
Open tickets after: 2367
Number of tickets touched: 16

Resolved tickets (1)

[closed]   GH#2871 "is default" seems to work correctly only on scalars

Half-resolved (tests needed) (0)

Updated tickets (5)

[new→open] RT#131666 NativeCall MoarVM panic
 [updated]   GH#2779 Regression in WWW
 [updated]   GH#2816 Revamp of
 [updated]   GH#2863 "Unknown QAST node type NQPMu" when missing a comma hash initialization
 [updated]   GH#2864 Initializing hash works differently depending on comma usage

All new tickets (11)

  [open]   GH#2865 All Junctions behave the same when used to define a hash key
  [open]   GH#2866 Are tests for version deprecation correct?
  [open]   GH#2867 Remove 6.d.PREVIEW from tests
  [open]   GH#2868 Removes .PREVIEW from tests closes #2867
  [open]   GH#2869 Grammar error about method 'default' on NQPMu object with 'my $parameter'
  [open]   GH#2870 $match.^methods.perl dies
[closed]   GH#2871 "is default" seems to work correctly only on scalars
  [open]   GH#2872 Whatever and excluded max endpoint on range in slice... one off
  [open]   GH#2873 Rakudo hangs when compiling module in large project.
  [open]   GH#2874 Add support for bundling arguments to the default argument parser
  [open]   GH#2875 Fix off-by-one error in infinite range subscript
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