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  GH#3986 New Trademark font characters are right-clipped in the REPL producing an unfortunate visual result
    + Update tests for Unicode 13.0, 13.1 [bd803d5e]
    + Implement the prefix:<||> operator in postcircumfixes [e6787d77]
    + Move version test later [48b1b20f]
    + Merge pull request #3984 from rakudo/release-2020.10 [746c5998]
    + Give dd support for BOOTThread objects [59d140bf]
    + Merge pull request #3953 from rakudo/prefix-pipe-pipe [41d8956c]
    + Replace all simple nqp::if(42,foo,bar) with ternaries (#3957) [b1912d9f]
    + Be a little more accepting in %h{|| ... } syntax [7a2264b4]
    + Don't shortcut access to %*ENV [dd0a2a15]
    + Add flag for creating symlinks without absolute path (#3980) [089bd590]
    + Implement binding of array-slices (#3970) [051e0361]
    + Implement binding of hash-slices (#3969) [87ef76ae]
    + Give "raku -v" a pure ASCII version [329e47f4]
    + Slight refactor of v6.e postcircumfix[;] [39c51595]
    + Fix formatting errors in docs/running.pod [f4b38a17]
    + Merge pull request #3993 from patrickbkr/fix-doc_running-format-errors [084b92a3]
    + Introducing Routine is test-assertion trait (#3991) [585db59c]
    + Create common Version objects at setting compile time [18882bf6]
    + Some more Version tweaks [7f9f9e96]
    + Hopefully final @a[;] tweaks for 6.e.PREVIEW [03e1ba72]
    + Fix off by-one error spotted by Jan-Olof Hendig [316902dd]
    + Make Str.raku about 35% faster [97d473b9]
    + Make sigils2bit mapper a setting compiler time thing [a541aed8]
    + Simplify constant hash initialization [0a4eaf31]
    + Make auto-generated mixin role be of language revision 'c' [6b87d3e5]
    + Merge pull request #3997 from vrurg/rakudo_3990 [9be9a5cf]
    + Expose the Array::ShapedArray role [ee089234]
    + Use nqp::can to test for test-assertion [86a208e2]
    + Make sure %h{|| foo} and @a[|| bar] are handled correctly [35213f66]
    + Simplify native shaped array .shape method [424ce71a]
    + Expose Array::Shaped1|2|3Array roles [532b5423]
    + Don't inherit mixin class language revision [2991016a]
    + Fudge unicode test in preparation for Unicode 13.1 [d3acd861]
    + Bump NQP/MoarVM for Unicode 13.1 [23f67fee]
    + Merge pull request #3942 from thundergnat/unicode13 [42c4c1ed]
    + Revert "Fudge unicode test in preparation for Unicode 13.1" [c54193e8]
    + Make MacOS nick lookup hash a constant [78f16451]
    + Be consistent in how we use my constant $foo = [2ad244b1]
    + Constantize empty list / hash in Match [0447b15e]
    + Constantize encoding and clean parts lookup [8af0c463]
    + Add support for MacOS 11.0 nick [ccc50f7a]
    + track new file name [7176cbc3]
    + Fix an issue with $*TZ and long-running processes [613da571]
    + Some fixes and tweaks to $*TZ [78935ebd]
    + Pseudostash code doesn't need a sub [7b2d9af7]
    + Make unicode property tests deterministic [151fd310]
    + Use alternate test for DST change [89211e2e]
    + Make sure match processing can handle $/ being a Junction [5b369181]
    + Check for actual changes in DST [ede52fb0]
    + Refactor Array::set-shape a bit [18af3f44]
    + Remove superfluous .Int coercion [fd5950f1]
    + Make 60% faster [53b558fe]
    + Fix unicode tests so they aren't TODO'd anymore [68196c99]
    + Bump NQP to get nine++ internment fixes [55524345]
    + Merge pull request #4000 from vrurg/rakudo_3998 [2fe6420e]
    + Add missing decont [417ad76c]
    + Merge pull request #4012 from usev6/shapedarray_fix [46477cd2]
    + Stub the Array::ShapedXArray roles [cb95c653]
    + Simplify Hash parameterization [1321a853]
    + Fix for isa-ok [dbf53c05]
    + Better check for subness of MAIN [e3352cdd]
    + Add "is test-assertion" to some more internal test logic [2436532f]
    + Fix IO::Path.absolute(IO::Path) breakage on Windows [08f5d028]
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