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Created May 2, 2020 11:16
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  GH#3636 uniname on numerics vs on strs (.chr is now a bit too sensitive?)
  GH#3569 &nextcallee can misbehave with wrapped routines in threaded code
88f04b6 should be 8 characters in length
979d384a was referenced but there is no commit with this id
a47372a1 was referenced but there is no commit with this id
    + Merge Iterable and Seq infix:<eqv> multis [135e217f]
    + Hack to fix "any" Junction inlining optimization [76923bee]
    + Change the default "from" to "Raku" [6354c915]
    + Revert "Change the default "from" to "Raku"" [8dcf652d]
    + Temporarily disable CircleCI building [adc61a8f]
    + Merge pull request #3508 from patrickbkr/disable-circleci [e0005de7]
    + Fix CircleCI configuration [efba9639]
    + Simplify CompUnit object creation [2075489e]
    + Doc tipo Configure -> [bf2a542f]
    + Fix typo [26f4a369]
    + Avoid re-resolving the same dependencies multiple times [c9092582]
    + Avoid looking up the same precomp id multiple times [6956c063]
    + Build: Fix submodule update with space in ref dir path [3ec58489]
    + Set autogen proto package attribute to the actual package [ffce0b52]
    + Whitespace consistency fix for --help output [3134ec77]
    + Big rewrite of dispatchers and wrapping [502fd7fd]
    + #1882 Fix run() with :out(Handle:D) and :merge [1f838791]
    + Inline a method [89992967]
    + Revert "Inline a method" [9e494c83]
    + Revert "Big rewrite of dispatchers and wrapping" [a27005b3]
    + Enable env var RAKULIB [b3bb0d38]
    + Fix nextcallee breaking the dispatcher chain [ac9c8ec8]
    + Revert to using invocator [59a86c3a]
    + Re-revert "Big rewrite of dispatchers and wrapping" [8454f8db]
    + Merge pull request #3517 from vrurg/rakudo_3499 [0f223ac9]
    + Modify or delete certain environment variables [cc165a05]
    + ensure RAKUDOLIB is always respected [1fd660a9]
    + reorder priority to respect RAKULIB as preferred [00c0dec3]
    + Revert "Temporarily disable CircleCI building" [eb19a3d2]
    + Fix two errors in CircleCI Windows release build script [ffcc6198]
    + don't mention the rakudo-specific env var in raku code [be9bb4b1]
    + respect all three module path env vars\n\nensure precedence is RAKUDOLIB, RAKULIB, PERL6LIB [30a3186b]
    + Fix buiding when git reference dir has spaces in its path [e6044dfc]
    + Code aesthetics: Don't unnecessarily escape " in a build script [358c5a81]
    + add back check for env var PERL6_HOME [e8f7eb56]
    + add back in env var PERL6_HOME [61124c35]
    + restore proper priority to *_HOME env vars [013b47d2]
    + Merge pull request #3516 from tbrowder/RAKULIB [88f04b63]
    + Move prebuild archive scripts to scripts folder [e1114208]
    + Don't allow lowering of self if nextcallee is used [c7daf157]
    + Don't clone user wrapper [7ea452cb]
    + Make dispatchers use nextdispatcherfor/takenextdispatcher [4e64c594]
    + Install deserialize_ast fixup [b5123bb2]
    + Make onlywrap local sub [4277ffdd]
    + Speedup fetching of $*NEXT-DISPATCHER [365b8815]
    + Support takenextdispatcher simplification [237b1679]
    + Don't mark code uninlinable if $*NEXT-DISPATCHER encountered [b88cef34]
    + Fix incorrect use of cleardispatcher for takenextdispatcher [508cb7e0]
    + Make Backtrace independent of context. [7c368164]
    + Force publish type cache if found in the MRO [bde8d379]
    + Change to not use the shell at all [0ae8b4e0]
    + Fix submodule updating [2f0dd45e]
    + Fix JVM build [40d41a30]
    + Optimize symbol lookup at compunit creation time [35832540]
    + Remove $!unit_ready [75da4cfe]
    + Update appveyor perl requirement on Windows to 5.22 [370956b9]
    + Revert "Force publish type cache if found in the MRO" [bbc4fff8]
    + Only test for World once, not twice [014d493a]
    + Revert "Work around existing bug exposed by mixin caching." [771b9543]
    + Fix installation of perl6 aliases [aeb418a5]
    + The signal Supply should not claim sanity [8aa25bfb]
    + Make Test's &cmp-ok work with objects without support for methods [fc0f78d5]
    + Code-gen `-ne` as a loop, not a map call [be9c139f]
    + Produce better copy for `$foo is copy` [5cad8fee]
    + Ensure meta-ops respect user-defined chain ops [ac012f18]
    + Make method lookup with the handles trait 13% faster in certain cases [af594925]
    + Remove unnecessary implementation detail [e152aa6a]
    + Move RUN_CLEAN_TARGET_FILES to separate script [ffad1024]
    + [JVM] Use Ops.isnull instead of plain null check [945a4d81]
    + Revert "[JVM] Restore old implementation of 'lazy gather'" [b4819e7c]
    + Revert "Restore IO::Path.abspath semantics on the JVM backend" [f6f8ac0d]
    + [JVM] Remove old workaround (no longer needed) [25a1929c]
    + Convert `nqp::intify` calls into `nqp::elems` [776ef800]
    + Revert "Revert "Work around existing bug exposed by mixin caching."" [a3812028]
    + Fix exception when mixing in roles that use `is built` at runtime [4c026ab8]
    + Convert `nqp::istrue` into `nqp::elems` [87226876]
    + Give all regexes their own $/ [1e0474d4]
    + Optimize out return decont check on returning self [49d1dcd3]
    + Correct error string passed to nqp::p6finddispatcher in &nextcallee [136087e7]
    + Add optional "lazy" flag to R:It.SequentialIterators [101a80f2]
    + Tweak chr out of range error output [80dde85a]
    + Save one array initialization for each startup [d8366ff4]
    + Fix regression in sequence operator [0a6456a4]
    + Bump NQP to get latest MoarVM fixes [aaa3fdcc]
    + Fix reflection for . twigilled parameters [296fbcf4]
    + Apparently SEQUENCE *must* be a sub [a3f61d76]
    + Fix CompUnit::PrecompilationUnit::File::bytecode not returning bytecode [13ca677e]
    + Fix Parameter.raku with OUTER default values [87d2ff95]
    + Bump NQP to get latest MoarVM and NQP improvements [9d854281]
    + Bump NQP to get lego JIT fixes [156356ea]
    + Make error message a bit more readable [a10140f1]
    + Make a bunch of traits around 2% faster [4bbe308b]
    + Make a minor optimization to a bunch of STORE methods [a4fbbfa3]
    + Don't loop over @!named_names for *% parameters in Parameter.raku [2f8538ed]
    + Bump NQP to get some more optimizations [478239e6]
    + Make Capture.raku 45% faster [5baa645b]
    + Fix Capture.WHICH for subclasses of Capture [8808401c]
    + Add X::Sequence::Endpoint class [99cb2fa2]
    + Make Capture.WHICH 60% faster [688f6710]
    + Fix Capture.EXISTS-KEY for captures w/o a concrete %!hash [2d18cdeb]
    + Make push(@a,foo) about 20x as fast [385ab4cf]
    + Make Capture.AT-KEY 2% faster [22c0a53d]
    + Make append(@a,foo) about 20x as fast [b98d2e00]
    + Only bind to @!list in Capture.BUILD if the list given isn't empty [61b5e488]
    + Make unshift(@a,foo) about 20x as fast [6541775c]
    + Make prepend(@a,foo) about 20x as fast [9b735b76]
    + Failure handling of Array.pop/shift in private method [6793713b]
    + Make pop/shift behaviour re deconting consistent [2edce41b]
    + Revert "Fix performance issue on native shaped arrays" [43259728]
    + Fix regression in sub append/prepend [1e4c7361]
    + Give IterationBuffer its own iterator method [2b49d685]
    + Add R:It.AllButLast iterator [77defa77]
    + Turn infix:<…> / infix:<…^> into aliases [bd4e119d]
    + Set precedence of ...^ … …^ [d0e427dc]
    + Don't box strings returned by Capture.Str and .raku [d6298edc]
    + Adopt MoarVM-provided value_desc_cont [4221f822]
    + Remove superfluous precedence settings for aliases [0b414c0a]
    + Make R:It.AllButLast actually work correctly [88a9a36e]
    + Added R:It.AllButFirst [4fe18a48]
    + Introduce ^... and ^...^ sequence generator operators [371590fa]
    + Make R:It.AllButLast handle PredictiveIterators correctly [aa5154e0]
    + Fix for wrapping of parent's first multi-candidate [306d87b0]
    + Merge pull request #3590 from vrurg/problem-solving-170 [2cbf5837]
    + More correctly implement ^... and ^...^ [bbed2255]
    + Add s/PERL6/RAKU test environment variables [30e7a67c]
    + Make (1..-Inf).reverse) work as intended [3983b4f8]
    + Make (foo .. foo).reverse correctly [c588323e]
    + Add Exception.message stub [2e605520]
    + Fix building non-moar backends on Windows [47650ebe]
    + Make sure die_on_fail shows correct env variable name [afff3b0b]
    + Merge pull request #3604 from patrickbkr/fix-3591 [9e19c1a6]
    + Make PseudoStash.sort not reveal implementation details anymore [ebb29499]
    + optimizer: consider more kinds of symbol "present" [604085fb]
    + Make sure deconts [f70d95e2]
    + self is always deconted 1/3 [db6048e3]
    + self is always deconted 2/3 [a66f5c29]
    + self is always deconted 3/3 [80be7d19]
    + self is always deconted 4/5 [a5535b2a]
    + self is always deconted 5/5 [0d5f87cc]
    + Make sure label handling is consistent wrt containerization [3c83ce75]
    + Show that the Supply class is spread over 3 files [b9105f1a]
    + Add back die() that went missing with 2ee82af [1a10b63a]
    + repl: Check %*ENV<INPUTRC> for Readline config [61a48362]
    + Merge pull request #3619 from softmoth/inputrc-env [d8f2c30b]
    + Make Num.Rat about 25% faster [f987cdb0]
    + Add missing label support for some loop constructs [66a2250a]
    + Remove dead code [3aaca26a]
    + Make Num.Rat conversion again 1.5x as fast [2d1ba433]
    + Make FatRat handling use positionals [43c7e96f]
    + Add an iterator multi candidate to Supply [dc7a7962]
    + Add a push-all method to Supply's iterator [e78483ed]
    + nqp::eqat beats nqp::iseq_s(nqp::substr) [7bbf12d3]
    + Use nqp::until over nqp::while(nqp::not_i(...)) [b9b46c0a]
    + Merge pull request #3625 from Kaiepi/supply-iterators [c13faeef]
    + Fix bug report URL in binary release README [9b66980d]
    + Bump NQP [87592407]
    + Bump nqp-configure to allow '-' in build config variables [2a08b165]
    + Fix `--nqp-home` parameter [94fdb3d5]
    + Fix up JVM backend to work again after the static nqp home changes [59fe24bc]
    + Make Date.succ faster for days 28-31 [285da3b8]
    + Merge pull request #3602 from patrickbkr/issue-3581 [a4906a71]
    + [JVM] Fix generated runner files [717b3266]
    + Merge pull request #3623 from usev6/issue3622_label_for_nqp-handle [77b7e0cd]
    + Add Date.last-date-in-month [2fb7198f]
    + Don't use named variables between internal methods [92750571]
    + Bump NQP [fdfa6ac8]
    + [NQP Bump] Brings 5 commits [e5ecdc43]
    + Fix ThreadPoolScheduler only adding affinity threads in extreme cases [77a2201e]
    + Only take really idle affinity workers straight away in ThreadPoolScheduler [750abe03]
    + Make Mu.iterator use R:I.OneValue [65fdea7d]
    + Add Date.first-date-in-month for consistency [20ce5560]
    + Specialize X::Method::NotFound for IterationEnd [b0a720cb]
    + Remove to unnecessary return statements [730c5a16]
    + Revert "Remove to unnecessary return statements" [ef7dd189]
    + Simplify iterator of Cool values [48688df2]
    + Make R:I.OneValue a PredictiveIterator [ec50b961]
    + Make Real.sign always return an Int [42a303ec]
    + Step one of SlippyIterator becoming Rakudo::SlippyIterator [50f13f03]
    + Step 2 of SlippyIterator becoming Rakudo::SlippyIterator [fa3c0dba]
    + Implement VM.request-garbage-collection [e223be56]
    + Fix link to non-existent page [feb03671]
    + Remove dead links and add working links [fa0da6fb]
    + fix changed link to Roast [65f18a98]
    + Bump NQP to get 30+ MoarVM GC fixes by nine++ [0da38411]
    + Bump NQP to test a workaround [18d083ea]
    + Merge pull request #3642 from sumanstats/master [27325f04]
    + Bump NQP to test a hypothesis [d58ce2fc]
    + Re-enable JIT compilation of takenextdispatcher [74df6668]
    + Bump for getting a correct JIT of nextdispatcherfor [6721794e]
    + Revert "Simplify iterator of Cool values" [56107643]
    + Make about 10% faster [5610416c]
    + R:I.ReifiedList returns a PredictiveIterator [063bfa05]
    + Remove unneeded boxing from count-onlys [fcda03ba]
    + Add R:I.ReifiedListReverse [3ca38022]
    + List.reverse now uses R:I.ReifiedListReverse [270cc275]
    + Give Seq its own .reverse using R:I.ReifiedListReverse [cea0fc78]
    + Make sure Seq.reverse fails on lazy iterators [4025ca43]
    + Check reified before sending it off to R:I [447b396f]
    + Fix grammo in comment [48d3a7f8]
    + Make Supply.grab a few percent faster [e0336d52]
    + Use .skip instead of [1..*] [4339073b]
    + Use ever so slightly more efficient WhateverCodes [cfc6cc3c]
    + Use a smarter semaphore in Supply.squish [33f41966]
    + [NQP Bump] Brings 2 commits [5ee3d924]
    + Use a smarter semaphore in Supply.reduce [0aa8b2a8]
    + Use a smarter semaphore in Supply.produce [9cabea01]
    + Make timing based performance tests opt in via RAKUDO_RUN_TIMING_TESTS [31ffc2bd]
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