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Created October 19, 2021 12:22
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    + Test.rakumod: fix a syntax error in is sub [69aaa424]
    + Merge pull request #4529 from rakudo/release-2021.09 [28303d0c]
    + Merge pull request #4528 from Skarsnik/patch-1 [b2bfa4de]
    + De-unicodify Raku(do) [ba15173f]
    + Start using dispatcher for return value type check [d557f72b]
    + Start sketching out some more dispatchers [3e086599]
    + Move to a dispatcher for return value decont [1f359956]
    + Mostly switch qualified method calls to dispatch [959eaeab]
    + Replace .? spesh plugin with dispatcher [dc456a1a]
    + Move private method dispatch to the dispatcher [a114255c]
    + Stub in the assign dispatcher [055ca78b]
    + First steps to multi dispatch with new dispatcher [4e5e5329]
    + New dispatcher multi handling of Scalar'd args [41de71cf]
    + Complete moving return type check to dispatcher [4ecb1995]
    + Fix qualified method dispatch failure error report [83f66c59]
    + Fix a thinko in qualified method dispatcher [482f2561]
    + Toss spesh plugin related line in dispatch:<::> [5c72c7b0]
    + Restore 6.c Proxy return decont workaround [1023c381]
    + Further fill out new multi dispatcher [8bd88c2e]
    + Use correct kind of atpos to index an array [d9b75e82]
    + Complete move of assign spesh plugin to dispatcher [7d5f251c]
    + Eliminate spesh-plugins.nqp from the build [10e5e32b]
    + Add temporary new-disp [next|call]same [54c085e9]
    + Handle invocation of NQPRoutine via dispatcher [e20ee30f]
    + Initial `raku-meth-call` dispatcher implementation [54f2d5ec]
    + Refactor in preparation for method resume support [34d48682]
    + Implement basic method deferral [69d8d938]
    + Not being able to defer should give back Nil [734ecd2f]
    + Implement nextcallee for methods in new dispatcher [b6359402]
    + Support lastcall with new method dispatcher [68aaeb1e]
    + Implement wrap/unwrap using new-disp [75a9cb65]
    + Make wrap dispatch fall back on outer dispatch [52587136]
    + Introduce the raku-call dispatcher [38407083]
    + Multi dispatch with complex protos in new-disp [d28a8aff]
    + Prepare multi dispatch for new-disp resumption [3c5193d1]
    + Teach new-disp multi dispatch about Seq -> @ sigil [db03d022]
    + Implement one-level callsame for multi dispatch [e598691a]
    + Implement many-level callsame with multi dispatch [39cc4ee7]
    + Handle `where` in multi-dispatch with new-disp [2b189a51]
    + Port coervice assignment changes from spesh plugin [074c5fc7]
    + Start squeezing in new dispatcher behind env var [03b524dc]
    + Don't abort multi-dispatch too early [a42047fe]
    + Filter based on all required named args in multis [42b52ec9]
    + Start adapting Raku to always use new-disp on Moar [997af70f]
    + Use NQP dispatchers as Raku ones during bootstrap [66dc358b]
    + Use boot-code, not boot-code-constant [4302f94d]
    + Always use new-disp based wrap on MoarVM [f146f705]
    + Ensure code object is set on stub [306a9e02]
    + Use new dispatch op for role group selector [b4bb83c2]
    + Handle native refs in new-disp multi dispatcher [0d2db69c]
    + hllize values in multi-dispatch type checking [b42f34e9]
    + Emit a dispatch op in p6store [8ba49228]
    + Throw proper no matching candidates exception [868c05ff]
    + Junction auto-thread failover in multi dispatch [90410697]
    + Remove now-unused dispatcher extops on MoarVM [753d269a]
    + Handle ForeignCode unwrapping in raku-invoke [4f9ac059]
    + First steps for Proxy handling in multi dispatch [8cc60acc]
    + Add missing checks for concreteness [8845d57a]
    + Add missing guard in proxy removal resume [71086d4f]
    + Typed error report of ambiguous multi dispatch [c58d69eb]
    + Reinstate `is default` and exact arity tie-breaks [1360ffe1]
    + Update error handling [3dd4314d]
    + Handle end of dispatch list in non-trivial cases [4956784e]
    + Produce proxy readers beyond the initial set [db543fc6]
    + Fix dispatch of method calls on $scalar.VAR [3aeb8e31]
    + Don't auto-thread over Junction type objects [1ca8b728]
    + Update some error throwing [417d17c5]
    + Filter out multis not accepting a passed named [8fc8a7f8]
    + Correct multiple dispatch on natives [fba37c5b]
    + Implement CALL-ME support [85d4aaee]
    + SomeType($value) style coercions a la new-disp [dda0ea03]
    + Correct a test relying on a changed impl detail [2baa490b]
    + Fix multi dispatch of a Proxy to an `is rw` param [50fcef71]
    + Add a missing type guard installation [419d21a6]
    + Mark types created by MOP primitives as Raku types [6e4a5420]
    + Fix X::Method::InvalidQualifier reporting [21680e1f]
    + Ensure proxy readers are marked as thunks [ccf7fa59]
    + Fix wrappers of protos not getting called [ca4d3f76]
    + Adapt to method not found handler API change [5973a1c6]
    + Tweaks for can/findmethod/trymethod as dispatchers [5b4ee2e5]
    + Eliminate MAST::Call use in bind type checking [533978d0]
    + Implement p6sink using a dispatcher [192821f8]
    + NQP now installs proto code objects in the lexpad [c34964b3]
    + Don't compile legacy dispatchers on MoarVM [7f15f505]
    + Remove multi cache addition on MoarVM [39eb6778]
    + Eliminate final invokewithcapture usage on MoarVM [049d1300]
    + Adapt to MVMCallCapture's removal [6bd5a86b]
    + Correct an inverted condition [7055e93c]
    + Eliminate two lexical capture extops [df9c3939]
    + Use nqp::const::DISP_FOO constants [26ee39e1]
    + Write callwith and nextwith subs for new-disp [258610e8]
    + Implement callwith handling for method dispatch [fd9d62be]
    + Implement callwith handling for wrap dispatch [cff8e98f]
    + Fix a control flow thinko in method deferral [9b39ae14]
    + Provide typed error when no resumption in scope [269d9394]
    + Make wrapping with a multi work [610a6c81]
    + First step towards multi callwith and lastcall [5d93c2ea]
    + Fix a callsame/sentinel confusion [8b52034d]
    + Complete callwith implementation for multis [7e9aa39b]
    + Assorted fixes for lastcall [ce7e94e6]
    + Make MOP primitive method cache setup a no-op [29973253]
    + Fix nextcallee + wrap interaction [13cae29b]
    + "Hide" use of boot-resume for proto onlystar [b21bf9a8]
    + Adapt to NQP API change [7816de91]
    + Fix "no such attribute '$!do'" when find_method returns containerized objects [1c2b7149]
    + Update nqp-configure [c6342f8d]
    + Get unpackability-based multis working on new-disp [de24aac1]
    + Support nextcallee in multiple dispatch [ddcaf413]
    + Fix argument to nqp::hllize inadvertently getting a name [67501437]
    + Add an raku-hllize dispatcher to replace nqp::hllize(for) on MoarVM [1355f036]
    + Always give VM code handle to setparameterizer [3ebee705]
    + Always give VM code handle to newthread [1ab7674b]
    + Always give continuation ops VM code handles [8e760be0]
    + Unwrap code handles for native callbacks [4c14af68]
    + Cease setting up invocation_handler on MoarVM [25f0ef88]
    + Remove legacy multi dispatch caching leftovers [fa5b82af]
    + Sync with MoarVM data structure change [dafb08cf]
    + Allow nextsame et al in detached method calls [daa954fa]
    + Compile code object unwrapping for native calls [652079e7]
    + Fix protos that control multiple candidate lists [7afa7bf6]
    + Make sure to run `proto` for complex signatures [dc070055]
    + Don't run every proto during CORE.setting build [11e73132]
    + Don't compile all candidates with a proto [4e0ceea0]
    + Register nqp-istype dispatcher for Raku also [cf46a3c6]
    + Cease publishing legacy method cache on MoarVM [8e20ea60]
    + Remove meth cache auth op uses on MoarVM [d17f00b5]
    + Update p6invokeunder to use MVM_frame_dispatch [5ba7cf0a]
    + Replace p6getouterctx with dispatcher + syscall [885f4ab5]
    + Unwrap Code outside of p6setfirstflag [84da856a]
    + Clean up after --rxtrace removal [f8fa8844]
    + Make p6captureouters not depend on legacy invoke [25d2f634]
    + Eliminate code generation of hllize op [5d07d600]
    + Add a raku-isinvokable dispatcher [1f172ecb]
    + Eliminate setting up legacy invoke spec on MoarVM [5dedf062]
    + Add Junction failover for named args in multis [20a3ed03]
    + Account for simpler COERCE calling on new-disp [79e5919b]
    + Streamline find_method implementation [605cd8e5]
    + Fix overzealous autothreading of Junctions even on Mu parameters [61f6984b]
    + Use cheaper way to access register allocator [96e15cf5]
    + Ensure that CALL-ME always takes precedence [439fc5bd]
    + Lots of .HOW => nqp::how_nd in dispatchers/MOP [7583f21e]
    + Don't assume ever meta-object has a mro method [fa4efbf1]
    + Optimize method calls made on roles [52338a0c]
    + Add a missing guard in multi deferral [b8183107]
    + Complete NYI ambiguity handling in multi dispatch [84b1820c]
    + Access current MAST::Frame via the compiler object [f496be1d]
    + Replace costly $*MAST_FRAME lookup with $frame arg in core op generators [edf17b3d]
    + Fix BEGIN-time calls to bind-check multis [9d7d164c]
    + Eliminate setting no inline marker for callsame [c1a89bc0]
    + Use the p6sink op over a sink method call [1253f4bd]
    + Cope if p6sink is somehow used non-void [c0098e3f]
    + Expose more constants in raku-invoke dispatcher [ebd03058]
    + Restructure handling of wrapping [3e5e217f]
    + Don't guard dispatchees on a literal proto [cee2053c]
    + Remove unused attributes in Routine [9e7499ed]
    + Incorporate $!onlystar into Routine $!flags [a267025f]
    + Remove Scalar containers caller side when possible [33a6655e]
    + DateTime \a -> $a optimizations [fd383374]
    + ObjAt \a -> $a optimizations [1220a3ec]
    + Order \a -> $a optimizations [a638cf61]
    + Pair \a -> $a optimizations [c61d91a6]
    + Promise \a -> $a optimizations [65b5b4a9]
    + Regex \a -> $a optimizations [e7fee3ac]
    + Str \a -> $a optimizations [b63ff146]
    + Uni \a -> $a optimizations [0400253c]
    + set_difference \a -> $a optimizations [6d05ce36]
    + set_intersection \a -> $a optimizations [90e650cf]
    + set_subset \a -> $a optimizations [73b82cf2]
    + Complex \a -> $a optimizations [02d4e74f]
    + Rat \a -> $a optimizations [336d488b]
    + Setty \a -> $a optimizations [34df830a]
    + Stringy \a -> $a optimizations [558dccc0]
    + set_equality \a -> $a optimizations [d2d21236]
    + set_multiply \a -> $a optimizations [6d395816]
    + set_proper_subset \a -> $a optimizations [72d9a0de]
    + set_symmetric_difference \a -> $a optimizations [e8910a4e]
    + Correct a comment [e19bcbf2]
    + Baggy \a -> $a optimizations [d4062aa0]
    + Date \a -> $a optimizations [69fb2d79]
    + List \a -> $a optimizations [9441ef4a]
    + Version \a -> $a optimizations [8668ebf0]
    + Any-iterable-method \a -> $a optimizations [a04fe6c0]
    + Buf \a -> $a optimizations [fab8e646]
    + Capture \a -> $a optimizations [39b60a2c]
    + Int \a -> $a optimizations [383a2fb2]
    + Match \a -> $a optimizations [36664650]
    + Range \a -> $a optimizations [2afbf2a2]
    + Real \a -> $a optimizations [7ff1a8a2]
    + Make sure visual separators do not exceed 80 chars [0805986b]
    + set_addition \a -> $a optimizations [a0c5c20e]
    + set_elem \a -> $a optimizations [009f4d39]
    + unicodey \a -> $a optimizations [1bc136ac]
    + Use new dispatcher-drop-n-args syscall [0d4ba023]
    + Num \a -> $a optimizations [4d25d5d9]
    + Parameter \a -> $a optimizations [4c2be058]
    + Signature \a -> $a optimizations [2051e7e6]
    + set_precedes \a -> $a optimizations [d9d30744]
    + set_union \a -> $a optimizations [0da1bec2]
    + Array/Shaped \a -> $a optimizations [41d478e8]
    + Array/Shaped1 \a -> $a optimizations [45d642f6]
    + Array/Shaped2 \a -> $a optimizations [0f323688]
    + Array/Shaped3 \a -> $a optimizations [36738fac]
    + Backtrace \a -> $a optimizations [2ee73dbf]
    + Bool \a -> $a optimizations [dc2efba6]
    + Complex \a -> $a optimizations (2) [b8e55656]
    + DateTime \a -> $a optimizations [8504a9a9]
    + Dateish \a -> $a optimizations [dfb8446b]
    + Enumeration \a -> $a optimizations [080f772c]
    + Hash \a -> $a optimizations [19e0c985]
    + Map \a -> $a optimizations [4830a042]
    + Mix \a -> $a optimizations (2) [f488a6e8]
    + Pair \a -> $a optimizations (2) [305afb75]
    + Str \a -> $a optimizations (2) [9a277af2]
    + Uni \a -> $a optimizations [77a186f2]
    + control \a -> $a optimizations [3513296b]
    + traits \a -> $a optimizations [3ad1a93f]
    + Hash/Object \a -> $a optimizations [ebe6682d]
    + IO/Path/Parts \a -> $a optimizations [32f1e20e]
    + List \a -> $a optimizations (2) [0b6f3b33]
    + Map \a -> $a optimizations (3) [c412cd76]
    + Promise \a -> $a optimizations (2) [de5ee1e8]
    + Str \a -> $a optimizations (3) [0259d451]
    + Fix some issues with multi resumption [d2c88868]
    + If a sub returns `nqp::null`, map it to Mu [bfd8a36b]
    + Ensure Pair keys remain uncontainerized [583a6da5]
    + Add a missing guard in assignment dispatcher [133807ca]
    + Fix a thinko in callwith handling [9ea760d8]
    + Update Rakudo to use new MoarVM dispatch mechanism [dd2b274f]
    + Don't make signature part of a callable named parameter [e9a0b18c]
    + Re-implement signature constraint support for parameters [9c2cc9c2]
    + Add missing guard on role punning optimization [38f6f873]
    + Sort multi-candidates with signature constraint in mind [ffb587f2]
    + Rollback the idea of extra role for signature constraint [51968148]
    + Add signature constraint to parameter name in .raku [d47185eb]
    + Add missing Str.substr() candidate, moon-chilled++ [93f0d86f]
    + Respect CALL-ME mixed into a `proto` [21271aa5]
    + Fix passing a Code type object to native call [cddcdb71]
    + Merge pull request #4538 from vrurg/rakudo_4537 [ec65ffc8]
    + Add Cool.Version coercer [dab7404c]
    + Fix suggested method ordering on not found error [0152e3c3]
    + Deprecate use of $*PERL [11fd2d70]
    + Make sure suggestions are sorted consistently [569f90ea]
    + Consistently use a number for value in suggestions hash [c99ffc51]
    + Merge pull request #4554 from MasterDuke17/potential_simplification_for_suggestion_handling [9e6b1cc7]
    + Raku is a legally registered trademark now in the USA, UK and Europe. [4bca3e65]
    + Merge pull request #4555 from nige123/raku-is-a-registered-trademark-now [57997147]
    + Capitalize Programming Language [59debb4e]
    + Bump NQP to get the latest NQP/MoarVM goodies [b1200b65]
    + Add :override parameter to R:I.REGISTER-DYNAMIC [4b8b566a]
    + Make $*PERL deprecation something for 6.e only [3dc4aca2]
    + Test cover a segfault after trying to clone a Lock [d6be10ed]
    + Fix deprecation warning in rakudo-[gdb|valgrind]-m [ff6951f5]
    + Rewrite INDIRECT_NAME_LOOKUP [431c3d6b]
    + Update comment about candidate linked lists [191fbba9]
    + Pass on tester without auth-threading [1e25f4fc]
    + Pass lib in RAKULIB instead of -I in harness6 [e09df02c]
    + Merge pull request #4565 from Leont/harness6-fixes [59d12ec8]
    + [JVM] Unbreak build after merge of new-disp [ff92bac5]
    + Make GLOBAL available to compile time code [88862a9f]
    + Change guard to track value be non-Nil (#4559) [aa728ef7]
    + Prevent heredocs continuing after a block [a78c9f0d]
    + Merge pull request #4566 from vrurg/rakudo_4557 [1ddd6e7f]
    + Make GLOBAL shared at compunit load time [0cb2cb50]
    + Ignore fallback methods when looking for CALL-ME in dispatch [40bf3f3e]
    + Don't re-bind GLOBAL symbol [bb607b6b]
    + Make sure system exhaustion of threads is noted [ffaf453d]
    + Merge pull request #4568 from vrurg/make-GLOBAL-shared-on-load [067bef4d]
    + Bump NQP for the latest fixes! [bcd3ae06]
    + Add missing decont ops in [8d1f24f9]
    + Use distribution specific comp unit ids in CURFS (#4572) [33296d40]
    + Bump for assorted MoarVM fixes [ef95fe2e]
    + Get callwith working with complex dispatches [ca3355a8]
    + Don't set up a dead resumption with no wrappers [d6d90f41]
    + Merge pull request #4567 from tbrowder/fix-heredoc [308d6856]
    + [JVM] Align p6setfirstflag with modern use [02c13fad]
    + Use repo id instead of distribution id for comp unit ids [fbb5228e]
    + [JVM] Provide clean fix for broken build [8fc643ec]
    + Ensure all methods use the updated comp-unit-id (#4578) [bc2cac13]
    + Merge pull request #4551 from rakudo/Cool.Version [1d8bf66a]
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