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Created Feb 18, 2019

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2019-02-11T12:06:00Z 2019-02-18T12:00:00Z

From ≈2019-02-11T12:06:00Z to ≈2019-02-18T12:00:00Z
Open tickets before: 2272
Open tickets after: 2277
Number of tickets touched: 26

Resolved tickets (6)

[resolved] RT#125690 Rakudo has stopped matching a regex, related to | vs. ||
  [closed]   GH#2324 Segfault in test-compilation of documentation examples
  [closed]   GH#2681 Crypt::TweetNacl test suite fails since 762c708fdcef
  [closed]   GH#2685 Some issue exposed by LMDB
  [closed]   GH#2687 NativeCall issue exposed by Audio::Convert::Samplerate
  [closed]   GH#2696 Make CUR uninstall .bat wrapper scripts

Half-resolved (tests needed) (4)

[testneeded]   GH#2665 MoarVM panic when testing Red
[testneeded]   GH#2682 Some issue exposed by Math::FFT::Libfftw3
[testneeded]   GH#2684 Some issue exposed by JSON::RPC
[testneeded]   GH#2686 Some issue exposed by IO::Glob

Updated tickets (6)

[updated]   GH#1501 Memory leaks (IO::Socket::Async?) – HTTP::UserAgent, Cro::HTTP::Client, …
[updated]   GH#2576 flapper in t/06-telemetry/01-basic.t on mips
[updated]   GH#2624 Should we remove/deprecate :P5 regexes?
[updated]   GH#2642 Algorithm::LibSVM and segfaults
[updated]   GH#2648 Allow CStruct pass-by-value in Nativecall
[updated]   GH#2683 Some issue exposed by Chronic

All new tickets (11)

  [open]   GH#2692 Accessing native attributes discards sign information
  [open]   GH#2693 Relocatable Rakudo + C based perl6 runner
  [open]   GH#2694 Role consumption by multiple roles
  [open]   GH#2695 Unable to trap SIGPIPE or resulting X::AdHoc exception
[closed]   GH#2696 Make CUR uninstall .bat wrapper scripts
  [open]   GH#2697 Rakudo stopped matching a regex, related to | vs. || (in 2015; better late than never)
  [open]   GH#2698 Typecheck against a curried role dies
  [open]   GH#2699 Labeled last/next doesn't work with FIRST/LAST/NEXT phasers
  [open]   GH#2700 Problem with parsing a large file
  [open]   GH#2701 Cleanup, etc and add some JS support
  [open]   GH#2702 @ symbol'd array interpolation doesn't backtrack (from rt #127906)
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