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Created Jul 10, 2020
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    + Implement set equality operators [701f4cfb]
    + Simplify Setty/Baggy.ACCEPTS [dbd69ba7]
    + Merge pull request #3763 from rakudo/release-2020.06 [34f985de]
    + Give Grammar its own .new [0144905f]
    + Merge branch 'master' into set_equality [56d550c4]
    + Merge pull request #3727 from rakudo/set_equality [f470b544]
    + Bump NQP to get MoarVM build fixes [f1960baa]
    + Bump NQP to get some MoarVM/NQP micro-opts [8d2156b0]
    + Make method not found error reporting a little more resilient [0a86798f]
    + Allow Mu.say/put/note handling objects with NQP methods [9f546ef6]
    + Make about 3x as fast [2946ed64]
    + Bypass .READ abstraction if we can [252b9349]
    + Apply the same change to the rest of the core [ed936c14]
    + Bump NQP to get the cursor_pass_quick optimization [6536f801]
    + Bump NQP again to get proper cursor_pass_quick [682a7964]
    + Revert "Give Grammar its own .new" [c7c18c21]
    + Give Supply.tail its own candidate [1a91af8c]
    + Add support for Supply.tail(*) and .tail(Inf) [9ccfc90e]
    + Add support for Supply.tail(*-3) [eaa72afa]
    + Fix Supply.head(*-3) [5c8c7324]
    + Make sure that Any:U.head/tail work [70e5cfb9]
    + Add Str.naive-word-wrapper (implementation detail) [056d6a4e]
    + Make <a b c d>.permutations between 23 and 85x faster [682a4d4f]
    + Word-wrap X::SecurityPolicy::Eval message [eb589c03]
    + Wordwrap X::Method::NotFound message [1b84e036]
    + Wordwrap X::Buf::AsStr message [3cb29a03]
    + Improve wrapped text readability a bit [9ea66e13]
    + Remove superfluous period [6db1fb1d]
    + Wordwrap X::Placeholder::NonPlaceholder message [80aaede3]
    + Wordwrap X::Undeclared message [42031860]
    + Wordwrap X::Attribute::Regex message [f70a3ccd]
    + Wordwrap X::Redeclaration message [3ffed2fb]
    + Wordwrap X::Redeclaration::Outer message [a7a1fe24]
    + Wordwrap X::Dynamic::Postdeclaration message [cd8846ad]
    + Wordwrap X::Dynamic::Package message [83a126b3]
    + Wordwrap X::Import::Redeclaration message [3add8615]
    + Wordwrap X::Import::OnlystarProto message [3d9a9fc4]
    + Wordwrap X::PoisonedAlias message [697596fd]
    + Wordwrap X::Obsolete message [56e5f7dc]
    + Wordwrap X::Parameter::Default::TypeCheck message [88b0e7a3]
    + Wordwrap X::Parameter::AfterDefault message [7a93c907]
    + Drop the space after the last . or ? [45893495]
    + Adapt error message check to more accurate error message [821f582f]
    + Wordwrap X::Parameter::Placeholder message [f550c9f9]
    + Handle $^foo placeholders in signature like $:bar [a4b982cd]
    + Wordwrap X::Parameter::Twigil message [93963433]
    + Wordwrap X::(Parameter|Syntax::Variable)::BadType message [58685eeb]
    + Wordwrap X::Parameter::InvalidConcreteness message [5f423a7e]
    + Wordwrap X::Parameter::InvalidType message [92f8c19b]
    + Wordwrap X::Parameter::RW message [5627e02b]
    + Wordwrap X::Method::Private::Permission message [5b7ecdc0]
    + Wordwrap X::Method::Private::Unqualified message [a7455050]
    + Wordwrap X::Adverb message [f96a641f]
    + Wordwrap X::Syntax::KeywordAsFunction message [1f93724f]
    + Re-imagine X::Syntax::ParentAsHash message [98c7e512]
    + Wordwrap X::Placeholder::Block message [248664c6]
    + Re-imagine X::Syntax::Variable::Twigil message [3bc4fa90]
    + Wordwrap Mu.WHY [16d24a21]
    + Make IO::Path use its own .succ / .pred logic [305fc7bd]
    + Remove placeholder files [07009cc0]
    + Make sure we don't allow files with wrong extensions [d4eef8d4]
    + Re-imagine CompUnit::Repository::FileSystem!distribution [f3b1c8df]
    + Fix handling of generics in TypedArray.raku [ed5bbf7f]
    + Revert "Fix handling of generics in TypedArray.raku" [631ab687]
    + Fix handling of generics in TypedArray.raku [90f86d4c]
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