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Created June 3, 2020 14:11
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    + Replace `RT #12345` with `#12345`. Explain `RT` [dac68b27]
    + Fix misleading paragraph in readme. [302bc8ed]
    + Readme: Rokudo->Rakudo [736ce715]
    + reinsert note regarding backends [621577b4]
    + Issue #2092 | Clarify detached method error messaging. [4278e4c2]
    + Make Instant.perl a bit less noisy [c0b5fb28]
    + Allow debuggers to be specified by environment variables [48e073e2]
    + Default to using egdb when possible in rakudo-gdb-m [b01b0120]
    + Implement Capture.EXISTS-POS [6a4f79ec]
    + Remove int candidate for Capture.AT-POS [b55ecdf0]
    + Add missing Any candidate for Capture.AT-POS [3372352e]
    + Improve X::Syntax::Variable::MissingInitializer's message [ee005d8b]
    + Allow typechecking of any instance against Mu [3b4794f4]
    + Improve smartmatching with junctions [840d3e81]
    + Merge branch 'master' into instant-perl [c2dc0e57]
    + Only sends to IRC if it's the one and only [2b6a5829]
    + Merge pull request #3661 from JJ/master [3d2522ee]
    + Simplify Kernel signals method using Signal values [5644c709]
    + Let NC map int to longlong [89e570c2]
    + GH#1758: Only suggest a submethod if it's local [b02a7413]
    + Merge branch 'vendethiel-bugfix/gh-1758' [cc10570d]
    + Fixes conflict [9a0aa988]
    + Small changes to, fixes conflict [0a3f4f95]
    + Merge pull request #3662 from JJ/master [2c9168b9]
    + Revert "Let NC map int to longlong" [c362bd82]
    + Merge branch 'master' into readme4 [4e758ac3]
    + Merge pull request #3127 from ribbon-otter/readme4 [9f770020]
    + Fix links [10a8f6a2]
    + Merge pull request #2226 from ribbon-otter/contributing-fix [d6576888]
    + Merge pull request #3204 from RayMPerry/enhancement/2092-detached-method-error-messaging [ee22c2ef]
    + Awesomify “malformed loop spec” errors [d3c3e534]
    + Merge pull request #1188 from rakudo/awesome-malformed-loops [1a536ca9]
    + Merge pull request #3663 from rakudo/2020.05-release [87ee57b2]
    + Merge pull request #3279 from rakudo/instant-perl [8989eb91]
    + change raku to rakudo executable [627ffd42]
    + fix link to Raku Roast [3d6756b3]
    + Reflect perl6 to raku rename [eab17e7a]
    + reflect the migration of nqp [43c1f50f]
    + Remove a paragraph on p6alert service [18ecb604]
    + Remove the paragraph on different compilers [2cff6dd9]
    + add details on backends of rakudo [77b2f2a5]
    + Merge branch 'sumanstats-master' [b39bbc71]
    + Remove trailing whitespace [5965cc31]
    + Improve GNU C++ name mangling [4f672c27]
    + Fix Instant.raku for Rational values [f506cc03]
    + Merge pull request #3589 from Kaiepi/attribute-missing-initializer [a601e7f3]
    + Add CACHEDIR.TAG to mark cache dirs as cache [37646b86]
    + Make sure we remove the CACHEDIR.TAG file as well [c3bdb617]
    + Merge pull request #3489 from Kaiepi/debugger-overrides [6a79e18f]
    + Make sure newly created dir is writeable [ef90599e]
    + Fix .comb(Str) to ensure non-overlapping results [8d5a0f70]
    + Adds raku besides perl6, closes #3672 [4a3f29db]
    + Make .rotate return a Seq, rather than a List, saves memory [4b501bd4]
    + Simplify Shaped1Array.reverse [de173a18]
    + Correct some typos in docs/ [197bba98]
    + Make a JVM specific block only run on JVM [d7ce52bf]
    + Add Supply.rotate [9f7c9278]
    + More effective way of handling different rotation values [0ca0f587]
    + Fix relocatable builds on the moar backend [46648b9b]
    + Add methods to look up single symbols [c5f5d7ee]
    + Now simplify find_symbol [dc6594d6]
    + And now change find_symbol to find_single_symbol.. [5d61b3d0]
    + Give Mu.say the same setup as Mu.print and friends [649ef238]
    + Normalizing IO::Handle.say/put/print/note, part #1 [7a902b5e]
    + Fix relocatable builds on the moar backend [fe14bcb7]
    + Add point and fix next release date [0d238d89]
    + Changelog + release announcement [40fdfee1]
    + [release] Bump VERSION to 2020.05.1 [002acb1b]
    + Merge pull request #3680 from rakudo/2020.05.1-release [25f8395c]
    + Remove return constraint from identity methods [ef0c457b]
    + Normalizing IO::Handle.say/put/print/note, part 2 [88d98225]
    + Oops, forgot to remove a proto [627b39b8]
    + Normalizing IO::Handle.say/put/print/note, part 3 [438c1d2f]
    + Normalizing IO::Handle.say/put/print/note, part 4 [483cac3a]
    + Normalizing IO::Handle.say/put/print/note, part 5 [2b38666f]
    + Move de-parentificiation of Mu to compile time [9a583dcb]
    + Prevent $*OUT lookup for each eigenstate with put / print [4297cb05]
    + Move &printf to io_operators [e71d3cb0]
    + Make printf up to 5% faster [e46d4590]
    + Add support for printf($format, Junction) [110324d3]
    + Make sure that Date(now) works again [9dcbc5ff]
    + Merge pull request #3677 from MasterDuke17/symbol_lookup_optimization [85fa569c]
    + Make "my $a is Type[Foo,Bar] work for all types [de43f193]
    + Streamline variable "is" / "of" handling [5561669b]
    + Be consistent in use of self in Str.Numeric [a9074977]
    + Truncate .gist output for multidim arrays [cfc3e57f]
    + Clean up whitespace [4bfe5bd5]
    + Make "42".Numeric about 4.3x as fast [a0e58412]
    + Improve error message for too many directives in routine `sprintf` [c988f832]
    + Fix main-version.nqp dependencies [b71cb3ae]
    + Merge pull request #3689 from vrurg/fix-main-version-deps [b5f23aa0]
    + Merge pull request #3688 from tbrowder/sprintf-err [c75d25c5]
    + Make "42".Int about 4.3x faster [3ee1777a]
    + Use the more idiomatic FLATTENABLE_LIST [37533ee6]
    + Merge pull request #3685 from donaldh/multidim-gist [1464310b]
    + Merge pull request #3668 from softmoth/comb-str [a4ea2c78]
    + Merge pull request #3614 from Kaiepi/mu-any-junction-smartmatching [f0594084]
    + Merge pull request #3585 from Kaiepi/capture [846dee32]
    + Remove return constraint from .WHICH methods [c3b12906]
    + Revert "Remove return constraint from .WHICH methods" [be36ec38]
    + Normalize Range.WHICH and streamline Range.raku [b3d933b4]
    + Mark CompUnit.WHICH as returning a ValueObjAt [4afaab73]
    + Mark CompUnit::Repository::Locally.WHICH as returning ValueObjAt [3796405b]
    + Move WHICH value creation into a private method [17bf5d5f]
    + Tweak error message [d9defb6c]
    + Adapt test for adapted sprintf error message [2aac854f]
    + Streamline ArrayReificationTarget a bit [b50fd8b5]
    + Mark two helper methods as private [65e17c40]
    + Add and some reorganization [61046d76]
    + Tighten up sub slurp / spurt signature [22f43444]
    + Set MacOS codename as Distro.desc [b4b2a5ec]
    + IO::Handle.PIO is not always nqp::null if not open [f33ce01c]
    + Set up CI with Azure Pipelines [ae07d685]
    + Remove binary release building configuration on CircleCI [43213e49]
    + Binary release guide doc: Adapt to Azure Pipelines [55529de1]
    + Add a testing configuration to Azure Pipelines [78fe25b8]
    + Merge pull request #3675 from patrickbkr/azure-pipelines [3e487cb7]
    + Add a build badge for Azure Pipelines [42c37997]
    + Fix CI failures when commits are added fast [4085cfdc]
    + Fix BEGIN time EVAL accidentally running CHECK phasers of the outer comp unit [eeb4f43f]
    + Add missing test module [b874c68e]
    + Fix "١٢٣".Numeric and "١٢٣".Int [c2e8b22f]
    + Fix build artifact publishing [5b4faed3]
    + Restructure IO::Path.slurp a bit [799d627a]
    + Partially fix building the JVM in AzureCI [adfa192b]
    + Update INSTALL.txt for the latest changes [8bb0235b]
    + Enhance R:I.NORMALIZE_ENCODING [a56e62de]
    + Make IO::Path.slurp upto 4.7x as fast [d03fa4b0]
    + Make slurp() upto 40% faster [f3baa389]
    + Improve readability of IO::Handle.slurp [c1decf2a]
    + Don't use slurp-rest in the core anymore [a69465a7]
    + Make sure :bin / :enc are mandatory in sub slurp [fc3e1aea]
    + Make IO::Path.spurt upto 35% faster [7571f65a]
    + Make spurt() a few % faster [da5825e6]
    + Bulk rename s/perl6/raku/g [26d88b9e]
    + Made IO::Path's "is-absolute" handling a bit faster [fc88b9c2]
    + Make so() and not() faster [d8c26500]
    + Avoid StringIndexOutOfBoundsException on Windows [8e5b610a]
    + Further refine so() / not() [4bdc9d68]
    + Revert "Further refine so() / not()" [eab75110]
    + Add Bool:U candidates for so() / not() [8a3c36f8]
    + Take into account a few correction from @patrickbkr [e1db95e8]
    + Prevent a Scalar allocation for each so() not() [5c93ddac]
    + Use hllbool(istrue) for so() and not() in the end [cb69cfce]
    + Remove superfluous code [44b27019]
    + HLLize method objects correctly [95f7d34e]
    + Make .IO / about 2x as fast [2a88990b]
    + Make IO::Spec.curupdir about 25% faster [6a0eaabd]
    + Make use an nqp::hash internally [b5bf1bf4]
    + Make sure IO::Spec.curupdir returns the same thing always [16d93e26]
    + Add a note about Perl 5.22 on Windows [bd5e19e4]
    + [JVM] Don't use native string arrays in setting [2b81f978]
    + Reduce overhead of Code.ACCEPTS(value) by 20% [2eec62fe]
    + Merge pull request #3696 from vrurg/rakudo_3693 [81c0e145]
    + [JVM] Fix references to unsupported Java versions [12f8f1eb]
    + Add RAKU_REPL_OUTPUT_METHOD environment variable [285717a0]
    + Internally rename IO::Path's $!abspath to $!os-path [ea8c04db]
    + Remove incorrect absolute path optimization [bd7fcb28]
    + Bump NQP for rename of java packages to org.raku.* [c68d4fc4]
    + Merge pull request #3699 from andreoss/jvm-naming [8e4e23ab]
    + Make IO::Path.dir between 1.5x and 2.2x as fast [b63976a8]
    + Make WhateverCode.ACCEPTS about 2x as fast [853e6227]
    + Make IO::Path.sibling about 2x as fast [a5eb1d4a]
    + Make IO::Path.succ/pred about 2x as fast [26b9f388]
    + Make IO::Path.succ/pred about 1.6x as fast [7238b094]
    + Make IO::Path.parent about 2.7x as fast [71cb0c56]
    + Make IO::Path.child about 1.4x as fast [f5b2c240]
    + Make sure .cloned-with-path performs null check [21c3ef82]
    + Make IO::Path.add about 1.25x as fast [718d305b]
    + Make IO::Path.parent(N) about 2x as fast [f93ce875]
    + Simplify R:I.FILETEST_x methods [c821bbc5]
    + Introducing IO::Path::Parts [4387f280]
    + Make sure IO::Path::Parts is also Associative [187312b8]
    + Simplify the iterator method [e9ea048b]
    + Use the new IO::Path::Parts interface in core [30ae200f]
    + Make IO::Spec::Unix.basename/extension about 1.7x as fast [f89fad87]
    + Make IO::Spec::Unix.tmpdir about 1.8x as fast [a2860ead]
    + [JVM] Use typed variant of nqp::shift [5b86436c]
    + Make the 'is' routine in Test not throwing an error on failure when the type can't be stringified, falling back on .raku instead. [c9e94623]
    + Add support for :secure in IO::Path.child [dc4fcb09]
    + Simplify creation of IO::Path::xxx classes [4103a309]
    + Make IO::Spec::Win32.basename about 1.7x as fast [ecd06c9f]
    + Make IO::Spec::Win32.tmpdir about 1.8x as fast [6d427d47]
    + Implement R:It.native_s/i/n for iterating native lists [a616fe57]
    + Let native arrays use the new R:It.native_s/i/n iterators [e645ff6a]
    + Fix JVM backend (and MoarVM as well) [1464b35e]
    + Make Blob.join between 4% and 11% faster [84ff64cf]
    + Make Blob.gist about 2x as fast [b55667ef]
    + Speedup some QuantHash internals a bit [4a728f2a]
    + Add :$chomp to Str.lines() [1bcc5d73]
    + Fix sorting 2 element native arrays [becb85eb]
    + Make IO::Spec::Unix.path about 3.5x as fast [8dc58abf]
    + Remove dead code [ad9b9f4f]
    + Make IO::Spec::Win32.path about 2x as fast [1a8e07c2]
    + Make dir() about 15% faster [700b7432]
    + Create [d09cf9d8]
    + Merge pull request #3628 from softmoth/str-lines-chomp [96c3c532]
    + Simply pass on limit in Str.lines/words [9942ccc0]
    + rename notes from Damian, add info received from him [8a8f62ca]
    + Merge pull request #3715 from tbrowder/damian-decl-note [0c854320]
    + add info [8eb72140]
    + format reference [e95eb3a9]
    + [JVM] Add workaround to avoid sinking failed Proc [a059373e]
    + Make IO::Path.child secure by default for 6.e [6f990170]
    + Add Raku.revision and [41568cb7]
    + Check language revision using new method [1c94538e]
    + Add a IO::Path.child(List) candidate [800878a1]
    + Revert "Add a IO::Path.child(List) candidate" [02793520]
    + Revert my work on IO::Path.child and revision control [8b94d8d2]
    + Bump nqp-configure to fix nmake detection failures on Windows [8440e219]
    + Bump NQP [986f8ab6]
    + Convert INSTALL from txt to md [a79efdef]
    + remove reference to outdated smolder [cc499cb9]
    + standardize some capitalization [797c96de]
    + change language on 3.16 version [8c3f013d]
    + Perl 6 _ [6ead4ce1]
    + Perl 6 to Raku changes [142d03be]
    + More Perl 6 to raku changes [e0384ee0]
    + Perl6 to Raku + cleanup [0ccd4cfe]
    + more formatting and perl6 to raku [4d6031f6]
    + Perl means Perl 5, avoid ambiguity [d53a3b1a]
    + perl6 to raku [de6ebd4e]
    + change Raku::World to Perl6::World [b0032395]
    + Merge pull request #3613 from Skarsnik/master [9a7d0e6c]
    + Refactor AzureCI configuration for more targeted testing [5587574e]
    + Merge pull request #3731 from patrickbkr/more-targeted-azureci [2bcccfb6]
    + Merge pull request #3730 from sumanstats/master [4ee0f6a0]
    + Bump NQP to get the latest goodies, also from MoarVM [796f3d4c]
    + Merge branch 'master' of into coke-master [b4bc9bb4]
    + Merge branch 'coke-master' [62adc88c]
    + Fix identity checks and add return signature [9f73351b]
    + Remove tabs [f51fba28]
    + Make dd handle named parameters by themselves [c8570e87]
    + Give Backtrace candidates for HLL Exception [e9f80357]
    + Make some Exception internals more readable [a431968e]
    + Save 2 Scalar allocation for each Failure [519a5726]
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