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2018-03-05T00:00:00Z 2018-03-12T00:00:00Z

From ≈2018-03-05T00:00:00Z to ≈2018-03-12T00:00:00Z
Open tickets before: 1751
Open tickets after: 1753
Number of tickets touched: 73

Resolved tickets (17)

[resolved] RT#126390 await start {} hangs when using HTTP::UserAgent
[resolved] RT#126563 'X' meta-operator fails with RHS input from parenthesized output of another 'X'
[resolved] RT#126897 Slip objects deparse as List
[resolved] RT#127011 bad error when initialising Int var to Inf or NaN
[resolved] RT#128520 Consider migrating from RT
[resolved] RT#128895 $*ARGFILES.words does not fallback to $*IN
[resolved] RT#129912 Subset produces Cannot invoke this object (REPR: Null; VMNull)
[resolved] RT#130688 .subst/.subst-mutate with :g do not set $/ to all the matches
[resolved] RT#130843 .seek(... SeekFromCurrent) seeks to incorrect place if called after .readchars
[resolved] RT#131275 Str.comb returns a List instead of a Seq when matcher is a Regex
[resolved] RT#131879 Memory “leak”
  [closed]   GH#1317 Add two special cases for infix:<,>
  [closed]   GH#1473 first draft of "datagram"-oriented API for udp sockets
  [closed]   GH#1527 Possibly new segmentation fault issue on rakudo HEAD
  [closed]   GH#1593 LTA (elem) doesn't special case Range
  [closed]   GH#1597 nqp/docs/ is not in markdown format
  [closed]   GH#1604 dd(Failure) fix broke dd(Junction)

Half-resolved (tests needed) (22)

[testneeded] RT#126014 Too many repetitions with xx operator causes out of memory; should it work lazily?
[testneeded] RT#126297 filehandle read in a thead causes a segfault when the thread ends
[testneeded] RT#126587 require inside thread segfault hang
[testneeded] RT#126752 $/ vs .hyper gets confused
[testneeded] RT#127869 if my $match is True and False
[testneeded] RT#127974 sprintf() not threadsafe/reentrant if the format tokens use explicit indices
[testneeded] RT#128511 utf8-c8 generates spurious NUL
[testneeded] RT#128512 utf8-c8 mangles by NFC
[testneeded] RT#128553 multi method cache causes Base64 regression
[testneeded] RT#128624 Buf initialization error
[testneeded] RT#130502 error message complains too much about Metamodel.nqp ('0'))
[testneeded] RT#130505 double SORRY (BEGIN (1, 2)[*-1])
[testneeded] RT#130599 internal backtrace is spewed when trying to assign to a Blob type object (Blob[2] = 100)
[testneeded] RT#130941 infix:<xx> keeps containers around since October, resulting in confusing behaviour
[testneeded] RT#130980 Thunked xx not calling pull-one deep enough?
[testneeded] RT#131206 “Oops!!!” when using --target=ast (^…)
[testneeded] RT#131375 error initializing large array on Windows (64-bit)
[testneeded] RT#131623 Range + detached method + map with &sub = "Cannot find method 'count' on object of type NQPMu"
[testneeded] RT#131858 default $.nl-in on IO::Handle does not correctly work in subclasses
[testneeded] RT#131870 Capture lookup inside regex is not threadsafe
[testneeded] RT#131871 Regex code block closing over lexical variable, is not threadsafe
[testneeded] RT#131887 method freeze(Pair:D:) changes object identity

Updated tickets (18)

 [updated] RT#114554 Definition of zero-length postfix operator wrongly allowed in Rakudo
 [updated] RT#125466 [@LARRY] bitwise shift is inconsistent on int
 [updated] RT#126702 failing test in S06-multi/subsignature.t: wrong multi candidate called when slurpy and named are passed
[new→open] RT#127682 writing more than 8192 bytes to IO::Handle causes it to hang forever
 [updated] RT#130493 [@LARRY] .sink of class not getting called, but Mu.sink is
[new→open] RT#130616 Wrong source line number reported for misspelled private class attribute names
 [updated] RT#130892 t\spec\S32-io\IO-Socket-INET.t hangs on Windows
[new→open] RT#131145 Modes for need clarification
 [updated] RT#131376 read on IO handle following SeekFromCurrent
[new→open] RT#131393 When reading from stdin, eof is not respected
 [updated] RT#131508 `state` with `% is Sethash` ends up with a type object on second entry to block
 [updated] RT#131914 Rakudo/Moar taking more memory at launch.
 [updated]   GH#1257 Rakudo 2017.10 fails to build on Debian big endian systems
 [updated]   GH#1259 SEGV when running whateverable tests
 [updated]   GH#1542 RT#102994: State init vars if not set on first pass (CodeRef edition)
 [updated]   GH#1564 The Str "comb" method (Regex candidate) returns List instead of Seq
 [updated]   GH#1566 multi built-ins are not assignable to Callable
 [updated]   GH#1588 Signals do not match host system (NativeCall kill issue)

All new tickets (19)

  [open]   GH#1590 Procs should not get back with “exit code: 1” if the program does not exist at all
  [open]   GH#1591 LTAnesses with Range.rand
  [open]   GH#1592 Hypering prefix op methodcalls is not supported
[closed]   GH#1593 LTA (elem) doesn't special case Range
  [open]   GH#1594 Pair.ACCEPTS violates "smartmatch never explodes" paradigm
  [open]   GH#1595 Some bug with a combination of $*KERNEL.hardware, slurp, run and Cro
  [open]   GH#1596 Type Captures Leaking out Sometimes
[closed]   GH#1597 nqp/docs/ is not in markdown format
  [open]   GH#1598 Consider not recommending RT
  [open]   GH#1599 An augment of Hash breaks object hashes
  [open]   GH#1600 Make MONKEY-TYPING imply `no precompilation`
  [open]   GH#1601 Issue 1588: Populate Signal enum with getsignals op
  [open]   GH#1602 LTA Error when calling `.new` on a stubbed class at begin time
  [open]   GH#1603 Silent failure when using `$Foo::var` syntax to fetch value bound to an `our` var
[closed]   GH#1604 dd(Failure) fix broke dd(Junction)
  [open]   GH#1605 `CONTROL { }; warn "";` says Trying to unwind over wrong handler
  [open]   GH#1606 Wrong output of in CArray.^shortname
  [open]   GH#1607 Missing deconts in xx
  [open]   GH#1608 Make 2 elem infix:<,> special cases more generic
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