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Last active July 25, 2020 13:34
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CodeDeploy ruby 2.5+ non empty directories fix
- source: files/codedeploy_install_instruction.patch
destination: /tmp
- location: scripts/
timeout: 300
runas: root
< # TODO (AWSGLUE-713): handle the exception if the directory is non-empty;
< # this might mean the customer has put files in this directory and we should
< # probably ignore the error and move on
< FileUtils.rmdir(@file_path)
> begin
> FileUtils.rmdir(@file_path)
> rescue Errno::ENOTEMPTY
> end
patch /opt/codedeploy-agent/lib/instance_agent/plugins/codedeploy/install_instruction.rb /tmp/codedeploy_install_instruction.patch
systemctl restart amazon-cloudwatch-agent.service
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Replication of already accepted PR (aws/aws-codedeploy-agent#201) which unfortunately hasn't been added to AWS official release yet.

This is a workaround until that PR hits official release for people running > ruby 2.5 as opposed to the Amazon Linux 2 default of 2.0.0 (yuck).

Could move script to BeforeInstall most likely if you have issues on first run like some people have

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