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# Make a separate list for each airline
x1 = list(flights[flights['name'] == 'United Air Lines Inc.']['arr_delay'])
x2 = list(flights[flights['name'] == 'JetBlue Airways']['arr_delay'])
x3 = list(flights[flights['name'] == 'ExpressJet Airlines Inc.']['arr_delay'])
x4 = list(flights[flights['name'] == 'Delta Air Lines Inc.']['arr_delay'])
x5 = list(flights[flights['name'] == 'American Airlines Inc.']['arr_delay'])
# Assign colors for each airline and the names
colors = ['#E69F00', '#56B4E9', '#F0E442', '#009E73', '#D55E00']
names = ['United Air Lines Inc.', 'JetBlue Airways', 'ExpressJet Airlines Inc.'',
'Delta Air Lines Inc.', 'American Airlines Inc.']
# Make the histogram using a list of lists
# Normalize the flights and assign colors and names
plt.hist([x1, x2, x3, x4, x5], bins = int(180/15), normed=True,
color = colors, label=names)
# Plot formatting
plt.xlabel('Delay (min)')
plt.ylabel('Normalized Flights')
plt.title('Side-by-Side Histogram with Multiple Airlines')
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