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William Denniss WilliamDenniss

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## Restart a Heroku Web Application
## Adapted from a script by mscottford for restarting workers:
## Instructions:
## * Save this script in lib/tasks
## * Gemfile: gem 'heroku-api', :git => ''
## * Commit Gemfile* and lib/tasks
## * $ heroku config:add APP_NAME='name of the Heroku app'
## * $ heroku config:add HEROKU_API_KEY='the API key found on the Heroku "My Account" page'
## * Deploy and test with $ heroku run rake heroku:webs:restart[10] (Look at process uptime with $ heroku ps)
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"issuer": "",
"authorization_endpoint": "",
"token_endpoint": "",
"userinfo_endpoint": "",
"revocation_endpoint": "",
"jwks_uri": "",
"response_types_supported": [
WilliamDenniss / json_escape.rb
Created Apr 28, 2013
Monkey patch ActiveSupport to bring back to_json unicode character encoding. There is a better way if you have control over the to_json call, use JSON.generate(object, :ascii_only => true). Read more @
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module ActiveSupport
module JSON
module Encoding
class << self
# from
def escape(string)
if string.respond_to?(:force_encoding)
string = string.encode(::Encoding::UTF_8, :undef => :replace).force_encoding(::Encoding::BINARY)
WilliamDenniss / AppAuthExampleViewController.m
Created Feb 20, 2016
Creating an authorization request with AppAuth using the 'plain' PKCE challenge method.
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// builds authentication request
NSString *state = [OIDAuthorizationRequest generateState];
NSString *codeVerifier = [OIDAuthorizationRequest generateCodeVerifier];
OIDAuthorizationRequest *request =
[[OIDAuthorizationRequest alloc] initWithConfiguration:configuration
scope:@"openid profile"
WilliamDenniss /
Last active Jun 23, 2017
Counts the number of helm tests in subfolders
# Iterates all subdirectors of the current path.
for d in */ ; do
# Count instances of test annotations in folder.
COUNT=`egrep -r "test-success|test-failure" "$d" | wc -l`
# Colors!
COUNT_COLOR=$([ $COUNT -gt 0 ] && echo "$(tput setaf 2)" || echo "$(tput setaf 1)")
WilliamDenniss /
Last active Aug 12, 2017 — forked from mikeshi80/
Extract the comments from the C/C++ style source code to the same name add .cmt ext name. Usage is `python topdir .ext1 .ext2 ...`. You can set the encoding to read and write file correctly. Reference the source here
#!/usr/bin/env python
import sys
import re
import os.path
import codecs
import os
encoding = 'cp932'
WilliamDenniss / Dockerfile
Created Sep 17, 2017 — forked from buth/Dockerfile
Docker Install ImageMagick
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curl -sfLO && \
echo 'cf51a1c6ebf627c627a8e6ac20aecce5f1425907c2cdb98c5a60f329c5c6caf2 ImageMagick-6.9.0-4.tar.gz' | sha256sum -c - && \
tar -xzf ImageMagick-6.9.0-4.tar.gz && \
cd ImageMagick-6.9.0-4 && \
./configure --prefix /usr/local && \
make install && \
cd .. && \
rm -rf ImageMagick*
WilliamDenniss /
Created Sep 17, 2017
Creates a tag with a common format for an old branch, gives instructions to delete.
git tag -a archive/$1 $1 -m "Archive of branch $1."
echo "Branch: `git rev-parse $1`"
echo "Tag: `git rev-list -n 1 archive/$1`"
echo "Run: git push origin --delete $1"
echo " git branch -d $1"
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"issuer": "",
"authorization_endpoint": "",
"token_endpoint": "",
"userinfo_endpoint": "",
"revocation_endpoint": "",
"jwks_uri": "",
"response_types_supported": [
WilliamDenniss /
Last active Mar 24, 2020
AppAuth for iOS with Custom Browser

Custom Browser support for AppAuth for iOS has been implemented. Here's how to configure AppAuth to use a custom browser:

First, add the following array to your Info.plist (in XCode, right click -> Open As -> Source Code)