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Rake task for restarting a Heroku Web Application
## Restart a Heroku Web Application
## Adapted from a script by mscottford for restarting workers:
## Instructions:
## * Save this script in lib/tasks
## * Gemfile: gem 'heroku-api', :git => ''
## * Commit Gemfile* and lib/tasks
## * $ heroku config:add APP_NAME='name of the Heroku app'
## * $ heroku config:add HEROKU_API_KEY='the API key found on the Heroku "My Account" page'
## * Deploy and test with $ heroku run rake heroku:webs:restart[10] (Look at process uptime with $ heroku ps)
## ALT: Export the config variables above into the enviroment and run locally $ rake heroku:webs:restart
## * Create a Heroku Scheduler cronjob that runs `rake heroku:webs:restart[10]` to automate restarting at regular intervals
namespace :heroku do
namespace :webs do
desc "Restart the webserver by restarting all Heroku 'web' dynos (optionally sleeping between each process-restart)"
task :restart, [:sleep] do |t, args|
args.with_defaults sleep:0
heroku =
response = heroku.get_ps(ENV['APP_NAME'])
webs = {|item| item['process'] }.select { |item| item =~ /web/ }
webs.each do |web|
puts "Restarting #{web}"
heroku.post_ps_restart(ENV['APP_NAME'], 'ps' => web) rescue nil
sleep args.sleep.to_i
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tomgallagher commented Jul 18, 2017

Hi - this script uses the Sunset version of the Heroku API and will no longer work.

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