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$app = '{1AC14E77-02E7-4E5D-B744-2EB1AE5198B7}\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe'
[Windows.UI.Notifications.ToastNotificationManager, Windows.UI.Notifications, ContentType = WindowsRuntime]
$Template = [Windows.UI.Notifications.ToastTemplateType]::ToastImageAndText01
#Gets the Template XML so we can manipulate the values
[xml]$ToastTemplate = ([Windows.UI.Notifications.ToastNotificationManager]::GetTemplateContent($Template).GetXml())
[xml]$ToastTemplate = @"
<toast launch="app-defined-string">
<binding template="ToastGeneric">
<text>DNS Alert...</text>
<text>We noticed that you are near Wasaki. Thomas left a 5 star rating after his last visit, do you want to try it?</text>
<action activationType="background" content="Remind me later" arguments="later"/>
$ToastXml = New-Object -TypeName Windows.Data.Xml.Dom.XmlDocument
$notify = [Windows.UI.Notifications.ToastNotificationManager]::CreateToastNotifier($app)
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SchoolforDesign commented Oct 18, 2017

good work, thank you

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artkpv commented May 23, 2018


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joeltv commented Oct 31, 2018

How do you set the actions when a button is clicked and when the toast is clicked?

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lulMeow commented Sep 23, 2022

Thank you, appreciate it, using on Windows 11 insider Dev build 25206 and works perfectly.
I set the Powershell scrip to be triggered when a specific log in Event Viewer is created.

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