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Created April 15, 2014 10:17
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# srv.rb
$: << "../../lib" << "./lib"
require 'goliath'
require 'em-synchrony/activerecord'
class MessageLog < ActiveRecord::Base
class Srv < Goliath::API
use Goliath::Rack::Params
use Goliath::Rack::DefaultMimeType
use Goliath::Rack::Render, 'json'
def response(env)
body = env['rack.input'].read
MessageLog.create request: body
[200, {}, 'OK']
# config/srv.rb
require 'mysql2'
ActiveRecord::Base.establish_connection(:adapter => 'em_mysql2',
:database => 'risb',
:username => 'root',
:password => '',
:host => 'localhost',
:pool => 5)
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