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VBA Macro to detect EDR Hooks (It's just a PoC)
Private Declare PtrSafe Function GetModuleHandleA Lib "KERNEL32" (ByVal lpModuleName As String) As LongPtr
Private Declare PtrSafe Function GetProcAddress Lib "KERNEL32" (ByVal hModule As LongPtr, ByVal lpProcName As String) As LongPtr
Private Declare PtrSafe Sub CopyMemory Lib "KERNEL32" Alias "RtlMoveMemory" (ByVal Destination As LongPtr, ByVal Source As LongPtr, ByVal Length As Long)
'VBA Macro that detects hooks made by EDRs
'PoC By Juan Manuel Fernandez (@TheXC3LL) based on a post from SpecterOps (
Public Function checkHook(ByVal target As String, hModule As LongPtr) As Integer
Dim address As LongPtr
Dim safeCheck As LongLong
Dim tmpCheck As LongLong
'Opcodes turned into numeric value (mov r10, rcx; mov eax, ??)
safeCheck = 3100740428#
address = GetProcAddress(hModule, target)
Call CopyMemory(VarPtr(tmpCheck), address, 4)
If tmpCheck <> safeCheck Then
checkHook = 1
checkHook = 0
End If
End Function
Sub hookdetector()
Dim functionList() As String
Dim element As Variant
Dim hModule As LongPtr
Dim result As Integer
Dim row As Integer
' Set as needed, this is just a PoC :)
functionList = Split("NtAllocateVirtualMemory,NtAllocateVirtualMemoryEx,NtCreateThread,NtCreateThreadEx,NtCreateUserProcess,NtFreeVirtualMemory,NtLoadDriver,NtMapViewOfSection,NtOpenProcess,NtProtectVirtualMemory,NtQueueApcThread,NtQueueApcThreadEx,NtResumeThread,NtSetContextThread,NtSetInformationProcess,NtSuspendThread,NtUnloadDriver,NtWriteVirtualMemory", ",")
hModule = GetModuleHandleA("ntdll.dll")
row = 1
For Each element In functionList
result = checkHook(element, hModule)
Cells(row, 1) = element
If result <> 0 Then
Cells(row, 2) = "Hooked"
Cells(row, 2).Interior.Color = RGB(255, 0, 0)
Cells(row, 2) = "Clear"
Cells(row, 2).Interior.Color = RGB(0, 255, 0)
End If
row = row + 1
Next element
End Sub
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