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Xe Iaso Xe

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Created Mar 12, 2020
docker-containers example for NixOS/NixOps

NixOps Deployment of a Docker Container

Install NixOps

If using NixOS:

$ nix-env -iA nixos.nixops
Xe /
Last active Jan 3, 2020
Star Trek: Star Trek: Novel Superstar

Chapter 1: Infection

The Borg decloaked near the habitat ring of Deep Space 9. Sisko froze in place. Dax was awestruck.

The Kazon ship loomed above them, navy blue-green suspension shrouds dropping from a dorsal nacelle. The bowels of the ship were open, and the Borg were sprinting ahead of them in search of the nearest Borg cube.

“It’s the Borg,” Dax said. She glanced at Sisko, and saw that her expression was one of anger. She then turned her attention back to Sisko. “What happened to

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~/go/src/ λ time GOOS=js GOARCH=wasm go1.12beta2 build -o johaus.wasm wasm_main.go
0.372 secs
~/go/src/ λ time go_js_wam_exec johaus.wasm
parsed in 187.348ms
(ni'o ((ti melbi) (i (((la jo'aus) cu) (jimpe (le (gerna (be (le jbobau)))))))))

How to Automate Discord Message Posting With Webhooks and Cron

Most Linux systems have cron installed to run programs at given intervals. An example usecase would be to install package updates every Monday at 9 am (keep the sysadmins awake!).

Discord lets us post things using webhooks. Combining this with cron lets us create automated message posting bots at arbitrary intervals.

The message posting script

Somewhere on disk, copy down the following script:

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Another Mind Open
There was a fire where smoke gathered
and danced like rivers without gravity
to the rattle of drums.
Sometimes I would look inside the smoke
but it curled away and covered itself
with a cloak so opaque I could only cry.
It became the mask of its consumption.
View language_of_innocence.txt
The Language of Innocence
When a river is frozen,
underneath remains a current.
When the sky is absent of color
beneath the globe another world comes to light.
When my heart is alone
somewhere another heart beats my name
in code that only paradise can hear.
Xe / orig.lua
Last active Dec 19, 2017
Russian roulette script for Tetra
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Command("ROULETTE", function(source) local rdm = math.floor(100000000 * math.random() % 6) if rdm == 2 then client.Kill(source, "ROULETTE: KILL: " .. source.Nick .. " " .. tostring(rdm)) return "BANG! " .. tostring(rdm) else return "click " .. tostring(rdm) end end)
Xe / Dockerfile
Last active Oct 15, 2017
mage goroot leak proof of concept
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FROM xena/alpine
RUN apk add --no-cache mage
COPY /proj /root/go/src/
WORKDIR /root/go/src/
RUN mage -l
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🖋 = object
🍎 = object
🍍 = object
🍎🖋 = object
🍍🖋 = object
proc `$`(p: 🖋): string = "🖋 "
proc `$`(a: 🍎): string = "🍎 "
proc `$`(p: 🍍): string = "🍍 "
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"swagger": "2.0",
"info": {
"title": "schema.proto",
"version": "version not set"
"schemes": [