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#!/usr/bin/env bash
# This is a script to download patch/fix the setup and config so you can use
# chrome-remote-desktop via
# crd = chrome-remote-desktop where convenient (like binary names)
# There are a few issues that need fixing:
# 1. the oauth onboard via the above link requires Google's binaries (i.e. the ones in the .deb)
# 2. paths don't match - fedora installs in /usr/lib64/chrome-remote-desktop instead of /opt/google/chrome-remote-desktop
# 3. the default method of crd script passing the client config to the crd-host binary via stdin didn't work for me; so patch to pass the filepath
# 4. the service will run under root's home instead of the users home and requires patching
# 5. gnome doesn't play nice (esp w/ wayland), so I install lxfc as a default desktop env; can be changed via ~/.crd-session later
sudo dnf install -y chrome-remote-desktop dpkg
wget -O $CRDDEB
mkdir $CRD
dpkg -x $CRDDEB $CRD
# copy over new binaries from deb - allows for using the web headless oauth thing
for _file in start-host chrome-remote-desktop chrome-remote-desktop-host; do
sudo cp -av $CRD/opt/google/chrome-remote-desktop/$_file $CRD_INSTALL/$_file
# add symlink to mimic /opt/google install
sudo mkdir -p /opt/google/
sudo ln -f -b -s $CRD_INSTALL/ /opt/google/chrome-remote-desktop
# patch json stdin/file thing
sudo sed -i 's/host\-config=\-"/host-config=" + host_config.path/g' $CRD_INSTALL/chrome-remote-desktop
# whatever you replace this with - I've never had it work with anything using wayland, though your main display can still run wayland if you like.
sudo dnf install -y lxde-common
echo "exec /usr/bin/startlxde" > ~/.chrome-remote-desktop-session
# At this point you can run the headless setup and the server will start in the background
# - patch chrome-remote-desktop to fix host config read
# - fix service to fix user runas and home dir
# - run start-host
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